Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

You need to see the IX grill. Just accept it for what it has or ignore it altogether because that is the polarizing part of the design that doesn’t actually eat the radiator as it does the gas powered X5. Instead it has a few sensors and it really is a design feature. But look behind it because behind it is BMW’s fifth generation EV system, which is actually great.

Although the inside of the IX carries the torch of the now-closed I3, the limitations of that vehicle, i.e. its short range, are gone. Starting at $ 83,200, the IX targets about 300 miles. Outside of design, it operates and operates like a next-generation EV with lots of features that will delight first-timers and migrants from gas-powered BMWs. We had the opportunity to run it in Germany; Watch the video above for our thoughts.

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