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Boats: These are ships from the ancient Solomon Islands that have now traveled 2,000 kilometers In the unknown. They are drunk during laziness with the engine running on the East River when the toilet floods the lower deck, shutting off passengers’ noses with sewage, an incident I can testify at least once (July 4, 2018). They are evil vehicles like the twins of American Commodore Matthew Perry and Winklevos. These are the machines that interrupt the whale song. They are biblical. They are catalysts Meat And Schalke movies And Thriller movie. The Jungle Cruise. Titanic. Medusa raft. Noah’s vessel during the Flood. Some of these ships, I guess. The important question is how do you rank them?

It is a wide and chaotic range of boat-related instances that the only metric to rank them is whether they support their own existence. Here are nine boats that represent the best and worst reasons to be a boat, from the worst to the best.

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