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Part of the cover of The Lady of Caldon, the second novel in the latest Dune trilogy.

Part of the cover for Lady of Caldan, Lastly the second novel in the Uni trilogy.
Fig: Tor book

I read Frank Herbert DB In adolescence and it goes through my imagination like no other book like mine before. It’s just that I cover DB Books and comic panels for San Diego Comic-Con @ Home.

The virtual SDC hosted the panel Brian Herbert And Kevin J. Anderson who spoke to the separation with different guests DB Project. Also present were Bill Ransom, Tor Books’ Christopher Morgan, Abrams ComicsArt’s Charlotte Greenbaum, BOM’s Jonathan Manning! Studios and audiobook narrator Scott Brick. Initially, Anderson and Herbert shared details about the latest trilogy, which was published Last year’s San Diego Comic-Con @ Home.

The trilogy centers on the Atreids family on their Caldon pre-Aracis home planet and is designed to jump into Frank Herbert’s events. DB. Duke of Caldan Concentrate Duke Leto Atreids, When the second novel, Lady of Caldan, About Lady Jessica and going to be published in September. Finally, at the end of the troll we get a Paul Atreids-centric story, Heir of Kaldan, The panel spent some time on the upcoming TG, which will debut in 2022 DB Chitraponyas. Charlotte Greenbaum, editor of Abrams ComicsArt’s graphic novel series, returned to what she would expect from a humorous adaptation of Frank Herbert’s work.

Consumer novel Dala

Consumer novel Dala
Fig: Abrams ComicsArts

One part DB The graphic novel series was published last fall and is illustrated by Ra রাl Allen and Patricia Martin. The book is a national best-seller and voted the book authority’s third best graphic novel of 2021. With such a positive reception, Abrams is launching a one-size-fits-all deluxe edition, released in October 2021. The second installment of the series began in July 2022. Tune: House Atreides At Boom Studios he has released the cover variants of Comic – Issue # 8 soon and soon it will be the end of the second press. In August 2021, Boom will begin work on the third strain that is in issue # 9.

Tune: House Atridus Alternative Cover

Tune: House Atridus Alternative Cover
Fig: Boom Studios

Of course, a cinematic adaptation DB There have been hits in theaters this year and these headlines can only benefit from the added focus on suffrage. The film stars Timothy Chalamet as Paul Atrides, Rebecca Ferguson as Lebe Jessica and Oscar Isaac as Duke Leto. The The film was late Due to the coronavirus epidemic novel from December 2020 to October 2021. If you want to see the panel for yourself, you can find it below.

Lady of Caldan Comes out September 21st. Of Villeneuve DB Finally arrives in theaters and HBO Max on October 22nd.

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