Bose created the first FDA-clear hearing aids that would not require a doctor’s visit

Bose is diving into hearing aids for the first time and they promise a big change in how you buy helpful audio equipment. The company has Introduced Soundcontrol is wearable which says it is the first FDA-clear hearing aids sold directly to customers. You do not need to see a doctor, take a prescription or talk to a specialist about buying and using it.

Not surprisingly, AIDS takes advantage of bosses Experience with personal audio. They revolve around a custom tune feature in the companion mobile app that personalizes volume levels, tone, triple and bass for your ears in 30 minutes. You can raise quiet sounds to avoid strain or highlight the vocal frequency to make people in the neighborhood listen better. A focus feature allows you to focus on specific areas, such as the front when you’re in a conversation or when you’re walking through a park.

Bose added, you can schedule free video appointments if you need help.

You can expect a familiar, light weight (0.0 weight) on the back of the ear design that uses the same zinc-air battery that you typically want to buy for other hearing aids. Bose expects a typical four-day use of about 14 hours per day exp They are resistant to rain and other “light exposure” to water. And no, they don’t play music or handle calls – they’re too focused on improving hearing.

Bose will begin selling SoundControl in Massachusetts, Montana, Carolinas and Texas on May 18. 50 850. More states are coming, the agency said. It’s not a trivial expense, but it can be justified if you don’t want to travel across the city (especially during an epidemic) if you want to get justice back.

The entry of the audio giant into hearing aids is not entirely surprising. Jabra’s parents, GN Group, have introduced hearing aid manufacturers and hearing tests In recent earbuds. Sennheiser, meanwhile, has only sold its customer audio business To a hearing aid specialist. The audio support market has been heating up for some time, and Bose is entering the right as a particularly competitive field.

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