Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Just during the holiday season, Has unveiled a new portable Bluetooth speaker designed for both strong audio performance and durability. The SoundLink Flex has an IP67 rating, which means it’s resistant to water, dust and dirt, and the company even claims that if you drop it into the water, the speaker will float to the ground (but it will probably catch fish faster if it lands in a bathtub or sea). .

According to Bose, silicone rear and powder coated steel grille speakers need to be protected from drops and bumps. The company further claims that the device is resistant to UV light and corrosion and it will not peel or flake.

But it’s not just the apparent harshness of the speakers that makes it interesting. Bose says it features the SoundLink Flex “to provide amazing audio performance.” It claims that the custom transducer provides maximum audio clarity and a “base that you can feel on your chest”. The SoundLink Flex has dual-anti-passive radiators, as well as Bose’s digital signal processing tech, which should minimize distortion.


The speaker can detect its orientation and adjust the audio output accordingly. So, whether it is horizontal, vertical or hanging from the utility loop, the term will be optimized. This is the company’s first Bluetooth speaker to use this Bose Position IQ technology.

The SoundLink Flex can remember up to eight Bluetooth connections to make it easy to switch from one device to another. You can adjust the settings using the Bose Connect app and control your phone’s voice assistant and take calls using the speaker’s microphone.

You can add a second Bose Bluetooth speaker for stereo or simultaneous playback. SoundLink Flex can connect to other Bose speakers and As part of a home audio system. Bose says you’ll get up to 12 hours of playback on a single charge and you can recharge a lithium-ion battery with a USB-C cable.

The Soundlink Flex is only eight inches wide, 2.1 inches deep and 3.6 inches long. It weighs just one pound and is available in black, white smoke or stone blue. Speaker costs 149 And you can pick it up from Bose’s website starting today.

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