Brain implants allow paralyzed people to write using their minds

Tech has helped people with paralysis communicate with the outside world Brain transplantation And Eye contact Strategy. As admirable as they are, these breakthroughs are only the result of a slow return of mental thought. But, a new one Study The fastest results have yet to be made from researchers at Stanford University. Indeed, scholars have claimed that their method of communication for paralyzed individuals can compete with the textual speed of able-bodied adults.

The new technique uses computers to move handwriting from brain activity to on-screen text. As part of their experiment, the team worked with a 65-year-old participant (known as T5 in the study) who was paralyzed from a traumatic injury in 2007 due to a spinal cord injury.

The researchers began by placing two brain chip implants in the T5’s motor cortex – the part of the brain that controls movement. They asked the participant to imagine that he was writing with a pen on a regular piece of paper then the brain chips transmitted his neural signal via cable to a computer where an AI algorithm basically decodes the motion of the hand and finger and copies his “psychology”.

The end result saw the T5 reach a writing speed of about 18 words per minute with 94.1 percent accuracy. By comparison, an adult with the same age can type about 23 words per minute on a smartphone. The researchers claim that the combination of the new technique with an old implant system they have created can help patients communicate faster and more effectively, including those with spinal cord injury or Lou Gerig disease and those who have had a stroke.

However, it may take some time to reach this stage. For now, the team’s goal is to conduct further tests on the effectiveness and safety of the technology.

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