Brazilian Senate investigates Bolsonaro’s Covid-19 operation

Sao Paulo, Brazil – Brazilian Senate President Jaye Bolsonaro has launched an investigation into the management of the COVID-19 epidemic, which has been widely condemned by medical experts around the world.

Of the country The number of deaths from this diseaseThe seven-day average of daily deaths is expected to exceed 3,000 on Wednesday, the second highest after the United States, at 3,360,000.

On Tuesday, the National Health Secretaries’ Council reported 3,707 deaths and 62,166 new cases.

Capt. Bolsonaro, a right-wing populist and former army officer, has denied the outbreak from the outset, calling it a “slight flu” and questioning the effectiveness of masks and vaccines. Rally against the lockdown system And The authorities that implement them.

“Don’t they realize that the lockdown policy is wrong?” Bullesonaro asked a crowd of his supporters at the gate of the presidential palace in the capital, Brasilia, on Wednesday.

That same afternoon, his Portuguese brief statement on the move, welcomed by Brazilian Supreme Court opposition senators, allowed the inauguration of a locally known Senate investigation by the CPI.

“The government’s performance in dealing with the epidemic could be the worst,” Humberto Costa, a former secretary general and senator from the Left Workers’ Party, told Al Jazeera. “

“Bolsonaro is terrified of the CPI’s death … the condemnation that will come and what will come out… the possibility of impeachment and the possibility of re-election next year.”

Costa said the investigation alleged that Bolsonaro sabotaged social distance systems, attempted to implement lockdowns targeting local authorities, was negligent in obtaining vaccines and even used ineffective drugs such as chloroquine. In all, 11 senators and seven alternative committees will be formed to summon witnesses to testify.

One of the main focus is how the hospitals in Manaus, the capital of Manaus, came to be Oxygen is depleted. Another will be the former health minister, General Eduardo Pazuelo, who was sued by federal prosecutors on Wednesday over the exclusion of oxygen. Crisis in the mind.

Senators from the president’s ruling coalition have called for the probe not to be used for “political” purposes. “We should focus on bringing positive results to our country,” a Bolsonaro associate, Senator Nelsinho Tred, told CNN Brazil on Tuesday.

Brazil has reported the second largest coronavirus-related death in the world [File: Fernando Bizerra/EPA]

The probe could lead to a presidential impeachment or even arrest, although analysts say the results are unlikely, at least for now.

That’s partly because senators loyal to Bolsonaro have expanded the scope of the investigation to include Brazil’s mayors and governors, which Rafael Cortez, a political scientist at Tendensius Consultancy in Sao Paulo, said could open the door to the horse business before next year’s election.

Expansion of search is widely seen as an attempt to overload – and therefore decrease – the end result.

Cortez, however, said the CPI could hurt Bolsonaro’s popularity and his chances of re-election next year, especially as large sections of the electorate fight poverty and unemployment. Food insecurity and hungerAs well as a reduction in emergency COVID-19 cash payments.

“The most likely situation here is that the government is not managing to regain its popularity,” Cortez said.

Despite the epidemic and its aftermath, the president has still ordered congressional and Brazilian voters to narrow down their support.

The latest opinion polls, conducted in mid-March, found that 44 percent of voters thought the Bolsonaro government was “bad or terrible,” but 30 percent said it was “good or bad.”

But observers expect the numbers to worsen. “If today’s election has a strong chance, he will lose,” Cortez said.

Since Brazil’s Supreme Court overturned the former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silver is proof of corruptionThe popular leftist leader is expected to face Bolsonaro in 2022. The survey says Lula will have a strong chance of winning.

Meanwhile, April is already the second-worst month of the epidemic in Brazil, with a record 37,000 deaths as of Tuesday More than 66,000 died in March. A recent study from the University of Washington predicts that 1 million Brazilians will die from COVID-19 this month.

A Brazilian Bar Association commission wrote in a report on Tuesday that Bolsonaro had established a “republic of death” in response to the COVID-19 crisis and committed crimes “against responsibility” and “against humanity”.

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