Breaks on J&J, preparation for booster shots and more coronavirus news

Take a break Johnson and Johnson have continued the vaccine, Pfizer CEO has spoken to the boosters, and the variants have increased to Covid-19. Here’s what you need to know:

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The Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine remains Experts keep track of the potential risk of rare blood clots

The Temporary hold The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is expected to continue for at least another week, and CDC consultants have probably analyzed the abnormal blood data linked to the shot. If it is determined that the vaccine poses a risk, regulators May issue updated information Who should and should not take it. Some may be anxious Fuel of misinformation and conspiracy theories, And It destroys the confidence of the people In the vaccine. However, the decision is likely to be delayed The assurance of the Americans Consider seriously that the FDA is taking all health concerns, no matter how rare or unlikely.

It is important to note that there are risks, if any Very lowNearly one million governments have said there is no evidence of similar clots after Pfizer and Moderner shots were vaccinated.

Pfizer CEO predicts need Re-vaccination

As concerns Coronavirus forms Rise, are drug manufacturers and the US government Ready for the possibilities The third shot may take nine to 12 months after the initial instantaneous. Pfizer CEO Albert Baurla said it would probably be “individuals” Need a booster And maybe one more vaccine every year, much like the flu vaccine. David Kasler, chief science officer of the Beaden administration’s Covid response, further noted that additional shots may need to be given at a congressional committee meeting this week. So far, data have shown that the Pfizer vaccine has been effective against the South African form, B1.351, for at least six months. Available in the fall.

The variants give rise to new coronaviruses, however Experts are optimistic about the vaccine

The three most notable Covid-19 variants, first recorded in Brazil, the United Kingdom and South Africa, have spread to other countries. B.1.1.7 Strain, for example, now The primary source of new infections In the United States. But scientists Stay optimistic Public health systems such as social distance and wearing a mask can continue to fight these new forms. After deadly outbursts in the UK, the case for B.1.1.7 has now been dramatically slowed down by severe lockdowns and vaccinations.

All major vaccines used have been shown to be effective against the Covid-19 variant. “Breakthrough infections” – where vaccinations still make people sick – are probably possible Very rare. There is also such an infection Less symptomatic and less contagious. Vaccine manufacturers are working on shots that will target more direct forms, but in the meantime, current vaccines should prevent most people from becoming seriously ill.

Daily expansion

How many houses can you have Energy with free donuts? Creepy-Cream is giving free donuts to anyone who shows evidence of the Covid-19 vaccine. When Americans are vaccinated (all 78 million In) has the power of the pedal powered bike generator stopped?

Reading something

Scientists in Brazil have identified a state of deep sleep and possibly dreaming! –In the octopus. Discoveries can further help us understand the evolution of sleep and its importance for the human brain.

Validity test

What overseas can make you a better manager? Wire Megan Greenwell There are worries.

A question

There it is Other Covid-19 variants Should we be concerned?

The CDC is currently monitoring other forms. There are others and new ones could develop at any time, there is currently no SRS-COVI-2 variant that is a classification for “high results”, variants by CDC or proven to be resistant to the treatment system. It is also important to note that not every genetic change in the virus is necessarily dangerous and Many have been hyped before Caution and extensive research shows the real cause of the alarm.

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