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For the article titled here, Image Tiktok wants to take Amazon by reporting the parent company

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China’s BiteDance has already seen wild success with Tic Tac Toe, its social media subsidiary that has become one Huge thorns Next to Facebook. Now, it looks like the company is also setting foot on Amazon. There was insider First report ByteDance plans to build an international shopping platform on Monday, according to local Chinese outlets and dozens Job advertisement This has been posted recently.

So far the details of the project are relatively short, and BitDance has not yet returned our request for comment. A few weeks ago, the Chinese language outlet The Passage Report That company planned to release a standalone e-commerce app sometime this month. Sources familiar with the project compared it to AliExpress, a direct-to-consumer marketplace owned by Huge commercial enterprise Alibaba.

This planned platform has been working for some time. Tickled at about the same time Shopping ads A potential partner on its platform is Stateside, its Chinese equivalent, Dwayne, Issued App-trade and in-app payments among its users across the country. Then in August, The report has been published The platform will soon split into its own app that supports its own e-commerce-centric business unit.

While it’s unclear whether BitDance’s current job openings in the e-commerce space are related to this unique app, we do know that the company has hiring opportunities right now এবং and not just in China. One OpenFor example, looking for a “tech lead manager” in Seattle to help build a “global e-commerce” platform.

“Global e-commerce hall [a] Content is an international short video product as an e-commerce business career, ”read the job description. “It promises to be the first choice for consumers to discover and buy good products at affordable prices.”

The description goes on to describe how such a platform could be to the rest of us. The company says it expects to use this global business to focus on “different situations” for shopping, such as “live e-commerce” and “short video content e-commerce,” which is no different. Short shopping clip Instagram was launched late last year. Another location Based on Singapore simply refers to the “Tiktok ecommerce platform”, while Other Tiktok is “an ideal platform to provide our users with a new and improved e-commerce experience,” the London-based firm said.

Tiktok did not immediately respond to a request for comment and we will update this post later.

ByteDance is also working hard to attract vendors; An opening “Acquire and Incubate Brands, Managers and Big Businesses” and “Discover New Collaborative Opportunities” for Singapore-based Account Managers [that] Adapt businesses to short-term and long-term development plans. ”

Needless to say, many of BitDance’s native China-based merchants would be a bit hesitant to reach out to Dwayne and TickTock’s user base, which each number Millions Internationally every single day. This past summer, Amazon has moved on Above 50,000 China-based merchants have complained that they have manipulated Amazon’s review process. A bitdance-branded shopping platform will delight these sellers, even users Not 100% on board Their favorite shitposting service is turning into a digital mall.

Meanwhile, the Chinese authorities Extremely On board. Ministry of Commerce of China To promise More cross-border trade zones will have to be opened this past July 105 Already extending above and below the coast of the country. In this region, export taxes and other government fees that traders usually pay much more when shipping internationally – if completely absent. Some cities have even started offering Cash incentives Amazon-deported merchants to launch their own online store to send their goods internationally.

Consider the method of getting close to the tick Definitely deceptive advertising For those that run on its platform, there’s a good chance that this ultimate shopping platform will be, um, a little more “relaxed” than its Amazon counterpart.

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