Sun. May 22nd, 2022

In 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom Issued An executive order would ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles in the state by 2035. Although California already represents half of the U.S. EV market, state officials know they need help and incentives to accelerate EV adoption. An all-electric future. They need to take steps so that the removal of gas vehicles from the market does not harm the customers. California pledged $ 3.9 billion last year for its EV-related initiatives, and Newsom recently proposed adding $ 6.1 billion to the state’s zero-emissions vehicle package to bring in a total of $ 10 billion. Now, there’s the governor Details What is he planning to do with the money?

First, Newsom hopes to make EVs more accessible by leaving-256 million for low-income consumers to purchase EVs and spending $ 900 million to set up affordable charging options around low-income consumers. A further $ 935 million will be spent to add 1,000 zero-emission short-distance trucks and 1,700 electric buses to the state fleet. 1.5 billion will be used to electrify school buses, while $ 1.1 billion will be used to buy trucks, buses, off-road equipment and fuel infrastructure. California will spend $ 400 million to electrify ports and $ 419 million to support projects that increase access to zero-emission transportation in low-income communities.

Alvaro Sanchez, vice president of nonprofit policy at the Greenlining Institute, said in a statement:

“To achieve California’s climate goals, we must focus on the needs of the most polluted and underdeveloped neighborhoods. Governor News’s ZEV investment proposal recognizes this fact. We are excited to work with the governor and legislature to prove to the rest of the country that we are just ours.” Not only can we advance the climate agenda, we can advance equity. “

You can read more information about the offer Governor’s website.

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