Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

The sale of some gas-powered appliances, including lawn equipment, generators and pressure washers, may be banned. Governor Gavin News Signed a law On weekends which instructed regulators to ban the sale of small off-road engines.

The California Air Resources Board was already working on that rule, but gave the news agency a deadline to adopt and enforce the rules. The agency has until July 1 to accept the rules. Whenever possible on engines built on or after January 1, 2024, or in the opinion of the State Board – whichever is later. Law It also stipulates that regulators must make concessions to reduce the cost of switching equipment. The latest state budget has allocated $ 30 million to cover the costs.

The goal of the law is to reduce emissions. As Note that California 1 came up with emissions standards for those engines in eng0. Although emissions from cars have generally declined over the past few decades, this has not been essential for smaller off-road engines.

State officials say a gas-powered leaf blower used for one hour emits the same levels of pollution as the 2017 Toyota Camry, which travels about 1,100 miles. California currently has more than 16.7 million devices, including small off-road engines তিন three million or more than the number of passenger vehicles in the state.

California is dealing with emissions from gas-powered engines on other fronts. Last year, the California Air Resources Board said all truck and van manufacturers must By 2045. The state will also ban the sale By 2035. Many automakers are noticing Switch to EVs completely Until then. Light duty would be another zero-emission rule for autonomous vehicles Starting in 2030.

There are already some electric pressure washing systems and In the market. Zero-emission generators can be hard to come by, although there are some companies .

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