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Call of Duty: Vanguard The console won’t take up disk space like the previous games in the series, but you may still need to delete some downloads to make room for all of this. WWII Insanity. Here’s how much space you need on each console to install Vanguard Launch with pre-load:

This marks a significant reduction from last year’s Call of Duty installments, Black Ops Cold War, Which hit 200GB required space on PS5 And 250GB on PC, With similar numbers on other platforms. Meanwhile, of 2019 Modern warfare Launched at 175GB and enhanced with updates Battlefield An additional 15GB – 22GB, or 80GB – 100GB has been added manually. Activation roll out A big update in March To reduce its footprint Modern warfare And Battlefield, And Call of Duty developers have long been aware of this File size is a problem For many players.

“Good news for hard drives everywhere,” d Call of Duty Blog Due to new on-demand texture streaming technology, Of Vanguard Install Launch size will be significantly lower than previous Call of Duty releases – up to 30% – 50% + of the file size difference between the next-gen console and PC. “

Activation has not yet revealed the details of the size of the PC install Vanguard, But pre-loading on PC starts on 2nd November.

Pre-loading for the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game begins October 28 at 9PM PT in North and South America and midnight local time on October 29 in other countries. The Xbox One and Series X / S begin at the same time across the pre-loading board: October 28th at 9PM PT. Anyone who has pre-ordered the game digitally can pre-load it so that it is ready for launch on November 5th.

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