Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Activation has unveiled its big, new method for squashing hackers Call of Duty: Warzone And Vanguard, And it is called a two-way system Ricochet anti-chit. The first stage is a series of server-side enhancements that will better identify and remove cheaters from games and is set to hit. Warzone With the Pacific update later this year. These new server tools will be live in Vanguard When it will be out on November 5th.

The second Prong is a PC kernel-level driver designed to monitor the deepest level of each player’s rig while they are in the game, in an effort to prevent outside software from entering through this back door. The kernel, or ring 0, the most privileged layer of any PC, provides access to every layer of hardware and is usually reserved for things like graphics card drivers and trusted bits of the operating system. Only then will the RICOCHET anti-cheat kernel-level driver be started Warzone Or Vanguard Active; This is not always an ongoing situation.

While working in the kernel is not uncommon for anti-cheat software, it is probably the most important part of the new activation plan for many players. The Riot Games faced scrutiny in 2020 for an implementation Similar kernel-level drivers EvaluationThe main problem though was that it was always on, working even when the game was not active. (Misleadingly, Evaluation The anti-cheat system is called vanguard).

This is not a new concern. ESEA The suspected players were instructed to turn the PC into a secret bitcoin mining firm.

With this teaching in mind, Activation insisted that Ricochet would only be activated when the respective game was live, specifically saying, “The driver will stop when you exit the game and start when you start a new game.”

The kernel-level driver will hit Warzone In addition to the Pacific update this year, and it will come Vanguard At a later date.

Fraud has been a significant problem Call of Duty: Warzone For a long time now. Activision has banned more than 50,000 accounts since the game was launched, although matches with targets and cheap hacks are not uncommon to date. Players are screaming for a powerful anti-cheat system Warzone And other Call of Duty titles, and RICOCHET is the kernel-level of activation, not always the answer.

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