Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Canon has unveiled Powershot PX, A stationary camera that uses automatic-subject search for facial recognition and to automatically capture 11.7-megapixel images or 1080p60 videos. It is based on Powershot pick, An experimental, crowd-funded camera that was only released in Japan

Powershot PX has pan-and-tilt functionality (340 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically) and a 19-57mm (35mm equivalent) focal length range. The idea is that you can put it in a strategic place, such as on the table during a family picnic, for example. The camera can then scan the scene, locate the person’s face, and automatically determine the best time to take a picture. Canon writes, “The best picture isn’t always a smiling pose …. PowerShot PX captures a wide range of looks and valuable feedback that you may not get,” Canon writes.

It can “frame objects intelligently to capture natural expression and response,” Canon says. You can prioritize specific faces, such as someone’s birthday. Theoretically, this allows you to enjoy a gathering without the need to pause and take photos, knowing that it will be done automatically. You can also take pictures manually via an app or voice control.

Following an event, you can get recommendations for the best photos to keep using PowerShot PX’s iOS or Android apps. They are then stored on a memory card, where they can be uploaded to a computer. It supports WiFi and Bluetooth for smartphone connection, so you can control the images without having to test the device, Canon said. It can be doubled as a webcam through Canon’s webcam utility app. (It runs on battery with charging via USB-C.)

PowerShot PX Europe and UK coming in November 2021 at £ 500 / € 500 (around $ 585). There is still no word on the release in North America or anywhere else.

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