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Carmakers Launch Desperate Attempt to Delay Massachusetts Right-to-Repair Law

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The big car makers are not giving up their efforts to stop Massachusetts The right to repair Residents of the state of law are less than two years after voting Favor Repairing the Right to Repair Act, which allows independent auto repair shops to receive telematics data from vehicles, groups representing automakers now Introduction Their own new proposal that will delay the implementation of the law.

If passed, two new proposals, first said See By motherboard, the Massachusetts Repair Act will return the start date of the rights to 2025, three years after the original 2022 start date. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

“Massachusetts consumers have spoken out, and the law now gives them the right to control their own repair data so they can fix their cars wherever they want,” Hickey said. To say Gloucester Daily Times. “However, instead of listening to their customers and trying to comply with the ballot initiative, automakers and dealers have filed a baseless, anti-democratic lawsuit.”

For those who do not know, the Massachusetts 2020 Act was intended to make it easier for manufacturers to access diagnostic data about vehicles for small auto shops without the need for proprietary equipment. If the law is enforced, drive Comments, Any automaker doing business in the state should be allowed to make this telematic data accessible through the smartphone app.

There is auto industry Argued Making such tools more widely available can come with cyber security and vehicle security risks, although this line of reasoning is often more similar. Anis Raihan Than the real concern for the welfare of consumers. (An ad provided by the Alliance for Automotive Innovation tried to convince viewers that a sexual predator could be their prey and use vehicle data for prey). Industry groups representing car manufacturers even went so far as to file one Case The law was unconstitutional, arguing in the U.S. District Court. The verdict in that case has not been decided yet.

Despite the best efforts of these car manufacturers, in recent years the right-to-repair policy seems to be gaining ground, not just for vehicles. Microsoft back in October Became The first major technology company to stand behind the repair rights by agreeing to make it easier for its customers to independently repair their devices. The company has also requested the hiring of an independent consultant to examine ways to reduce electronic waste and increase access to components. Long after that Apple, long time Darth Vader The right to repair movement, unexpectedly Announcement It will start selling customers the parts and equipment needed to repair iPhones and Macs, something lawyers have been pushing for years.

Also seen in 2021 Introduction The Federal Right to Repair Law, which, if passed, would formally provide repair equipment to device manufacturers, replacement equipment, diagnostic information, device owners, and third-party repair shops.

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