Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Chess Updates

World champion Magnus Carlsen is in a pole position as the $ 1.5 million online Meltwater tour approaches its final in San Francisco later this month – but the 30-year-old Norwegian was shocked last Saturday when he joined the Aimchess US Rapid, the last of nine qualifying events.

To make it worse, The conqueror of Carlsen was Alireza Firouzja (18), the former Iranian rising star who now represents France and is considered heir to the throne of Carlsen.

The opening, the Scandinavian 1 e4 d5, was unprecedented and the match got a volatile course, because first White, then Black stood better before Carlsen fatally blundered and let his king ride in the middle of the board for match. Games are free and online daily from 16:00 to watch online skaak24.com.

Carlsen remains dominant, but younger competitors are learning to maintain themselves. Russian Vladislav Artemiev was in good shape on the online tour and this week the 23-year-old from Omsk won the preliminary all-play-all on the Aimchess Rapid ahead of the champion.

Teams from the British Isles won two Division 3 groups from the Fide Online Olympiad of 150 countries when Scotland and Ireland headed their divisions. Wales also qualified for this weekend’s stronger Division 2 matches. England enter the Division 1 phase on 8-10 September. Results and games can be viewed at skaak-results.com

Puzzle 2434

Can you play chess as a white black in eight moves from the starting position of the chessboard? Only a single white man moves, there are no checks along the way, and Black does not move at all. Kacper Piorun, five-time world champion in solutions, likes to test amateurs with this puzzle, which is not difficult once you see the idea.

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