Case for people to work from home forever

In 2020, because Kovid-19 epidemic, About 70 percent of full-time employees worked from home. Many employers have not considered offering a remote work option that probably fits the need. Today, as businesses consider their plans to return to the office, they would do well to continue to work remotely for themselves and their employees who prefer them.

Several years ago, I quit my corporate job to stay home full time with my kids. I never planned to be a parent at home. My second child, however, was born with multiple disabilities, and as he grew older, a list of his doctor and therapy appointments was made. I had difficulty managing my son’s needs and spending more than 40 hours per week in the office.

When I resigned, I was confronted with more than a decade of education and professional experience. I reluctantly brought my kids out of onsite corporate day care to take part from a few months old. I focused on my family – the only time I didn’t regret it. But a remote work arrangement would have made it easier for me to support my family And Continue with my career

No commute means a happy employee

Regardless of your job or where you live, commuting to the office can take up a large part of the day. American average ride in 2019 Each route was 27 minutesWhich adds about 200 hours per year for a full-time employee. Aside from the actual journey, trying to avoid traffic can be stressful to get out of the house at a certain time in the morning. Instead of rushing to the office on time or leaving early for personal responsibilities, Employees become more productive when they work from a distance, Spend less sick days and take less time

Working parents should also consider where their child care is with their office. Day-care at my former employer’s site makes it easy for my kids to come to them quickly when they don’t feel well or have problems, but for many, This is not an option. And while they were useful near my office, our ride home was often stressful because my kids were tired or hungry or both (and I was too).

When children grow up and go to school, a remote work arrangement allows parents to pick up children for school events or for those who do not feel well. When parents are more accessible to their children, they are Better able to focus at work and stay productive.

Remote work allows people to connect anywhere

Today’s technology makes it easy to work from anywhere. With the help of remote work options people can fit important life events into their day like attending a healthcare appointment. When the staff Flexibility to take care of personal obligations, They are happier and more productive.

A flexible work position is especially helpful for parents because they can Spend more time with their kids Compared to those who spend a whole day in the office. These can be found popping up for school drop-offs, or for any school editing or sports event.

My son has several extended hospital stays in which I have spent several hours waiting. A remote work arrangement gave me the flexibility to stay with the boy and still be involved with my work. I can easily work on a spreadsheet or return emails while I’m in the waiting room or while he’s resting.

Remote work gives us control over our calendars

A remote work option can give me the flexibility to plan my work plans, my responsibilities and my family obligations. Even on days when I didn’t have an appointment, working from home made it easier to throw away a lot of laundry or start dinner, which smoothed out this infection after my work day was over.

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