Casio has unveiled the first G-Shock smartwatch with War OS

Rumors have been floating about such a potential The obscure Apple Watch, Casio unveiled it for the first time G-Shock Tight Smartwatch Uses Google’s War OS platform. The GSW-H1000, part of the Casio Rugged G-Squad Pro lineup, has several sports features and is also the first G-Shock watch with a colorful display.

As you would expect in a G-Shock watch, the GSW-H1000 has a bronze look on the titanium back for extra durability. It is supported by true firmness including shock- and water-resistance at a depth of 200 meters. The new key is the Android War OS Plus dual-layer display that combines the always-on LCD screen with the time-colored LCD screen that can display maps, notifications, sensor data and other information. This is the first for the G-Shock watch, although Casio already uses its War OS Pro Trek Smartwatch lineup


The watch is sensored with a built-in GPS, optical heart rate sensor, compass bearings, altitude, barometric pressure and much more. It includes the Casio app for 24 indoor workout options and 15 more activities, including running, road biking and swimming, or more extreme sports like surfing and snowboarding. Meanwhile, the War OS platform gives you access to smartphone notifications, numerous apps and Google Assistant. A major downside is the 1.5-day battery life with color display, although it extends up to a month in “multi-timepiece mode”.

Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 Comes in red, black and blue and will cost $ 700 in the US and £ 600 in the UK. It will arrive in mid-May, although it has not appeared in the United States G-Shock website. However, you can find it UK site And request to be notified when it arrives.

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