Chauvin’s judge rejects Sectaster’s jury as Minneapolis faces unrest. Black Live Matter News

Judge Peter Cahill dismissed the defense plea in the morning after Downt Wright’s death, sparking renewed unrest in the United States.

The judge in the Georgie Floyd murder case on Monday morning rejected a defense plea to the jury for immediate protection, after killing a black man during a traffic stop in the morning. Unrest in a suburb Just outside of Minneapolis, USA.

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has received a request from a lawyer to file a complaint. Murder and slaughter Floyd died May 25. Defense attorney Eric Nelson argued that judges could be influenced by expectations of what might happen as a result of their verdict.

“In the end, your honor, the question becomes whether the jury will be able to make a decision regardless of the possible outcome of their decision,” Nelson said.

Judge Peter Cahill found it uncompromising and said he would not remove the jury until next Monday, when he expected the final argument to begin. He also denied a defense request to ask the jury what they saw about the unrest after police shot 20-year-old Down Wright at the Brooklyn Center on Sunday.

After the shooting, hundreds of protesters broke into about 20 businesses in a shopping center, jumped into police cars and threw stones and other objects at police in the Brooklyn center. Riot gear officers fired gas and flash-bang grenades.

Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, USA daunta raitake police after police shot dead a woman in the face, shaking and crying out to the Brooklyn Center police department had weapons. [Nick Pfosi/Reuters]

Prosecutor Steve Schleicher Floyd argued against the jury’s separation: “I don’t think it can be an effective remedy.” He also opposed the jury’s questioning.

The judge had earlier asked the judge to avoid the news during the trial.

The verdict came as the trial entered its third week, with the prosecution closing its case and proceeding with the defense. Prosecutors filed their lawsuits about opening a testimony account, Experts are condemning the use of Chauvin for neck resistance, And medical authorities blamed a lack of oxygen for Floyd’s death.

When testimony resumed Monday morning, Dr. Jonathan Rich, a cardiologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, echoed earlier reports that Floyd had died of low oxygen levels as police detained him.

Correction Testimony of other expertsThe rich man said that Floyd was “restrained in a fatal way”, he mentioned, among other things, that his face was on the ground, one knee was on his neck, his hand was bent behind his back and pushed upwards, The lower half of the body was.

He rejected defense theories that Floyd died of drug overdose or heart condition.

“It was a real trend and a positional barrier that led him astray,” the expert said.

In fact, he said, “every indicator is that Mr. Floyd really had an exceptional heart.”

Chauvin’s attorney will call his own medical experts to make the case that it was not Chauvin’s knee that killed Floyd. Defense did not say whether Chauvin would testify.

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