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Blue Origin NS-18 Crew.  From left to right: Chris Basuigen, William Shutter, Audrey Powers and Glenn de Vries.

Blue Origin NS-18 Crew. Left to right: Chris Basuigen, William Shutter, Audrey Powers and Glenn de Vries.
Pictures: Blue origin

Blue Origin, a rocket company founded by Jeff Bezos, is scheduled to launch its second crew submarine flight on Wednesday morning. William Shatner is coming on the ride, which is only suitable for the actor who played the role of Captain Kirk on Star Trek. Here’s how you can see the launch.

Blue Origin Flight NS-18 is scheduled to take off from launch site One in West Texas on Wednesday, October 13 at 8:30 AM EDT (13:30 UTC). The launch was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but strong winds pushed the date one day further.

The launch’s live feed will be available at Blue Origin Website And Blue Origin YouTube channel. We will post here if a live feed is available. Coverage is expected to begin about 90 minutes before launch.

Everyone has to go according to plan, the 90-year-old shutter will become the oldest person to travel in space, even if it is only for a few minutes. The current record belongs to 822-year-old Wally Funk, who set the mark during the same flight that took Jeff Bezos into space earlier this year. That said, NASA astronaut John Glenn took the space shuttle into space at the age of 77, which still makes him the oldest astronaut, according to the FAA. Definition The word (tl; dr: to be an astronaut you really have to do) Tax Something while in space, except looking at the scene).

After Shutter announced that he was joining the NS-18 flight, the actor admitted Panicked. Shutter went to talk to reporters earlier this week Said She is now feeling “comfortable, but somewhat uncomfortable.” He said the age would be nothing more than getting in and out of the seats before and after the launch.

“So unless you’re really gentle, going in and out of seats … when we’re in gravity, it’s a job,” Shutter said. “But of course it was designed [for us] To float from the seat in weightlessness. ”Shutter is most looking forward to weightlessness, because after that everything should be“ okay ”. To which he added: “And we will have the moment of inspiration that I feel when we look at the vastness of the universe.”

William Shatner inspects the launch tower with Sarah Knights of Blue Origin at launch site One in West Texas.

William Shatner inspects the launch tower with Sarah Knights of Blue Origin at launch site One in West Texas.
Pictures: Blue origin

After a few minutes of weightlessness, Shutter and his crew would return to their seats and lean back In preparation for re-entry. The capsule will land with parachute support and make a soft landing in the desert. The whole thing won’t last more than about 15 minutes.

The NS-18 is ready to be the second New Shepherd crew flight. On July 20, Blue Origin successfully sent the company’s founder, Jeff Bezos, and three others to the edge of space outside the Kerman Line, according to the International Aeronautical Federation. Flying at an altitude of about 66 miles (106 kilometers), the shutters will be joined by Chris Basuigen, former NASA engineer and co-founder of Planet Lab, Glenn de Vries, vice-chair. Vice President of Mission and Flight Operations at French software company Dassault Systems Life Sciences and Health Care and Blue Origin and a former NASA flight controller.

For the Bezos, the shutter flight is acting as a timely distraction. Blue origin Was recently Accused Increasing sexuality in the workplace and pushing employees towards their limits. Claimed that the company has been in favor of rapid deployment on security concerns Now an FAA has led the investigation. Blue Origin is also involved Legal fight With a lunar lander deal with NASA that the company believes was unfairly awarded to SpaceX.

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