Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Magnus Carlsen is planning an early strike as the $ 2 million, 14-match world title match kicks off in Dubai this weekend with matches on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Play starts at 12:30 GMT, and can be followed live and for free on the internet with grandmaster and computer comments.

Carlsen is on his fifth game since 2013, while it is the first for his Russian opponent Ian Nepomniachtchi. Debut challengers can freeze at the start, as in Tigran Petrosian’s collapse in match one against Mikhail Botvinnik in 1963, and Bobby Fischer’s catch of Boris Spassky’s poisoned pawn in 1972, while Fabiano Caruana should have lost the first game in 2018.

“As a reigning champion, you have a good chance of hitting at the beginning. This is definitely something I will try ”. Carlsen added that he considers the Muscovite a “wildcard” compared to Caruana or China’s Ding Liren, and a player who is vulnerable after setbacks.

The champion remains an excessive 1-4 in the bet, and I expect him to win by two or three points. Meanwhile, the crown prince of chess, 18-year-old Alireza Firouzja, rose to the European teams in Slovenia last weekend.

With his debut for France, Firouzja achieved a total of 8/9, winning individual gold and team silver medals, before Ding and Caruana jumped to world number 2 and became the youngest ever achieved. a 2800 rating, which improved Carlsen’s age record by six months. His best match ended with a queen sacrifice.

England’s teams were disappointed, but there was an exception in the excellent performance of Gawain Jones. The Yorkshireman (34) won three silver medals on the board with 5.5 / 7, repeating his result from the 2019 world teams.


Like Yifan v James Jackson, Isle of Man 2016. White to move and win. The current No 1 and all time No2 woman sacrificed a knight for this position. How did she break Black’s defensive wall?

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