Chicago police launch undercover drone program using negligible cash: report

July 20, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois

Photo of file kept by Chicago police officers during the “Blue Lives Matter” protest in Chicago, Illinois on July 20, 2020 photo
Pictures: Scott Olson (Getty Images)

The Chicago Police Department has launched a covert drone program using money seized in a drug raid and other criminal investigations, according to a new report from Bombsell Chicago Sun Times.

Internal emails from the Chicago Police Department were allegedly obtained by the active group group Daniel of Secrets and reviewed by the Sun-Times, with other investigations reporting that the drone program was used for crime scene images and terrorism-related issues.

Emails sent by Chicago Police Research and Development Director Karen Conway indicate that about 7 7.7 million was spent on various programs in the city using the book offer cash in the city, although it is not yet clear how much of that money was invested in so-called “1505 funds” money cell phone tracking drones. For stingray is used for a lot of filtered police staff.

Chicago police corruption and abuse of power were notorious in the 20th century, but the CPD reached new heights in the past decade after revealing a black-led operation. Sites in the city where torture and extrajudicial interrogation Was conducted. Based on the history of Chicago politics, the publication of how Chicago is financing the secret drone program through unpaid funds is almost speculative.

When asked about the drone program, Chicago police told the Sun-Times that they were investigating “all available equipment” as well as any one. “Innovative opportunities” to maintain “public safety protection”.

“The CPD has strict guidelines for all tools and programs to ensure that privacy, civil rights, civil liberties and other interests are protected,” a CPD spokesman told the Sun-Times. “We also meet with community partners to ensure that all enforcement efforts among disciplined police officers meet the highest standards and have support among them.”

Full report available Chicago Sun Times.

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