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A young African woman with marks on her face and silver eyes from the cover of the book Children of Virtue and Vengeance.

A series that is going to be Lucasfilm’s first non-Star wars Or Indiana Jones Project Since it was purchased by Disney, it has now been picked up by another company Has acquired the rights to Paramount Pictures Children of blood and bones An action fantasy series based on the YA novel by Trilogy, Hugo and Nebula Award winning Nigerian-American author Tommy Ademei.

Children of Blood and ForestE Jelly follows a young orphan who fights against an evil king who oppresses his people, the former, who practice magic. The first book was published in 2018 with its sequel, Children of virtue and vengeance, Was out in 2019. The third book is rumored to be out in 2023.

Adeyemi will co-produce the screenplay and executive production with Wick Godfrey and Marty Bowen of Temple Hill Entertainment (which produced Twilight And Labyrinth Runner Movies) And Karen Rosenfelt of Sunswift Entertainment (which created) Percy Jackson Film).

Deadline News of the deal broke with rival studios such as Universal, Amazon and Netflix, alleging that they had beaten bids. There is no word on what exactly happened to the involvement of Disney and Lucasfilm (which was still a thing). A little over a year ago When Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy Disney Investor Call was talking about the project), Yes, that’s it The companies are no longer involved.

“Paramount’s passion and enthusiasm was incredible in bringing this story to life,” Adeemi told Trade. “We are all very excited for this new chapter and are already working hard.” According to Trade, that “passion and enthusiasm” included a guaranteed theatrical release, as well as a guarantee to write a seven-act screenplay for the author, which ultimately put the company at the top.

“Tommy Adeimir Children of blood and bones Not only has this become a phenomenon in the YA world, it has transformed every expectation of what the world-building fantasy might be, “said Daria Cerseck, vice president of Paramount Pictures Motion Group. “We are very proud that our studio – including Tommy and our partners Wick, Marty and Karen – is bringing this franchise to life on the big screen. With its thought-provoking and timely themes, we know this story will resonate with audiences around the world. “

That sounds like a big deal for Paramount, who are now spending time unveiling their biggest possible blockbusters over the years and of course the book series sounds great. But we’re really curious about how Lucasfilm seems to be a sure thing. Maybe we’ll never know.

Updated 1/12/2022, 7 pm ET: This post has been updated to highlight the lack of involvement of Disney and Lucasfilm.

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