China has lashed out at G20 leaders over Taiwan’s remarks

China has complained to G7 leaders after a group of top industrialized nations backed Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Organization forum and criticized Beijing’s record on Hong Kong’s erosion of human rights and democracy.

In a statement issued after a two-day meeting in London, the G7 foreign ministers expressed solidarity with Taiwan, which is attending the WHO Forum and the World Health Assembly for the first time.

The G7 statement said the international community should “benefit from the experience of all partners, including Taiwan’s successful contribution to the Covid-19 epidemic.”

On Thursday, China’s foreign ministry condemned the G-statement as “gross interference” in its internal affairs.

“The foreign minister’s allegations against China are baseless. . .[are]Block politics is trying to turn the wheel of history, ”it said.

Beijing claims sovereignty over Taiwan, a self-governing island of 24 meters. In the face of US President Joe Biden’s administratively aggressive Chinese military action, various steps have been taken to increase support for Taiwan and make it easier for Taiwan to operate on the world stage.

Washington has warned China that its support for Taiwan is “rock solid.” Earlier this year, the United States conducted a rare dual aircraft exercise in the South China Sea to send a message to Beijing about its commitment.

The G7 community has identified another example of Biden trying to work with allies to address China’s behavior.

The G7 also criticized Beijing for human rights abuses in Xinjiang and Tibet and the loss of Hong Kong’s democratic elections, and warned against its role in the theft of cyber-capable intellectual property.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that Taiwan’s participation in WHO events must be conducted in accordance with a “one China” policy. 1992 agreement Among the semi-official envoys from Beijing and Taipei, both sides of the Taiwan Sea belong to “one China.”

Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party is reluctant to recognize the agreement, but Beijing is considering the policy formula as a precondition for dialogue.

In 1997, Beijing banned Taiwan from participating in the WHO Forum. From 2009 to 2001, during the narrowing of Beijing and Taiwan’s Kuomintang government under Ma Yang-jiu, Taiwanese representatives were allowed to join as “Chinese Taipei” observers.

However, Soe Ing-wen, Taiwan’s president and leader of the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party, has returned to hampering Beijing’s participation since Taipei took power in 2011.

Taiwan’s G7 statement on WHA’s inclusion is “a lot,” US Ambassador to Taiwan Dwi-Khim Hishiyao tweeted on Wednesday.

Taipei officials said the agency had boycotted Taiwan from the WHO due to tensions between the US and China earlier this year. Failed to respond In his warning about the severity of the then unknown pneumonia caused by the coronavirus in the Chinese city of Ohan.

The G-statement also called for “strong opposition to any unilateral action that could escalate tensions” in the Taiwanese pirate region.

The Chinese military has increased the consistency and scale of military exercises in waters near Taiwan over the past year, as well as launching attacks on Taiwan’s air defense identification zone by warplanes and bombers. E.g. Ball display 199 has not been seen since Beijing launched a missile north and south of Beijing Island.

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