Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Picture of former senior Pentagon official titled article says China is kicking us in the ass with artificial intelligence

Screenshot: Lucas Ropek / US Air Force

Frustrated by the government’s apparent inability to make meaningful progress on artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, a former senior Pentagon official recently quit his job – saying in two cases China would probably overtake us if we didn’t get our shit together.

Nicholas Chilen, formerly the Air Force’s first chief software officer, says America is preparing to lose the technology war with us. New favorite enemy. Chailan came to the post in 2011 in the hope of helping the government implement new cyber security and cloud initiatives. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government.

As a result, Chilean left his position last month, later at Penning Blog on LinkedIn Where he originally accused the Department of Defense of tripping over himself and hindering his own progress. In recent times Interview As with the Financial Times, Chilan similarly said he feared for the future of his children and that Americans should be “angry” about the state of their country’s defenses: “We have no chance to compete against China in 15 to 20 years. At the moment, this is already a done The deal; in my opinion, is already over, “he told the outlet, impressing that China was moving towards” global domination. “

Chilan, who is currently running a private cybersecurity practice, also blamed the debate on “AI’s ethics” for slowing US progress and told the outlet that he plans to testify to Congress in the coming weeks about the importance of prioritizing cyber security and AI development.

In his remarks, Chilean joins a growing chorus of technology and national security professionals who claim that China is essentially Take over the world Through its advanced technological capabilities and growing economic power. There is some debate as to whether these concerns are legitimate Or largely unruly.

There certainly seems to be evidence for Chailan’s statement about U.S. cybersecurity-indeed, America’s failure should now be self-evident. If nothing else, Solarwinds Fayasco The number of federal agencies compromised by foreign hackers has shown that America’s security standards need to be greatly improved.

As a matter of whole artificial intelligence, the competition between the United States and China points to a deadly one Arms competition Who can create the first best killer robot – whose preferences seem a Skynet– Everything is inevitable like the future. It’s also worth noting The biggest cheerleader Google, Amazon and other technology giants are currently competing for this weapon, which could create truck loads if the government decides to move towards new AI investments.

Of course, there The United States may have other ways to stifle China’s rise, with world-grabbing technocrats not just trying to punch them. International sanctions And a system of prohibitions for non-loyal nations comes to mind). If Chaylan’s statement is true, no one in Washington considers that possible, realistic or profitable solution.

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