Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

The country’s most advanced fighter jet will take part in aerial maneuvers, as new electronic warplanes and advanced drones are on display for the first time.

China’s military will showcase some of its most advanced weapons and equipment when the country’s largest air show kicks off this week.

Airshow China opens on Tuesday in the southern city of Zhuhai after a year-long delay due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The state-run newspaper Global Times reported that there would be ‘brilliant flight operations’ with the J-20, the air force’s most advanced fighter jet.

Other advanced aircraft, including the J-16D electronic warfare aircraft, WZ-7 high-altitude drone and WZ-8, high-speed drone, would also appear for the first time at a static show in the outdoor exhibition area. said.

The show highlights the country’s efforts to improve aviation technology at home, amid growing strategic rivalry in the Pacific.

The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia have recently trilateral security treaty for the region, including the supply of nuclear-powered submarines to Australia, while the Quad leaders meet in person Friday for the first time in the White House.

The Quad includes the US, Australia, Japan and India and is seen as an attempt to counter the rise of China, which has become increasingly confident in the region, especially in the disputed South China Sea and beyond. Taiwan.

“Because China is facing increasing threats from the West, it needs to improve its military-industrial, aviation and aviation capabilities,” said Song Zhongping, a military commentator and former PLA instructor on missile technology.

The J-16D has two large electronic warheads on its wings, which will be used to disrupt and thwart enemy electronic equipment, including radar and communications systems, the Global Times reported. It also has a new aviation system and indoor engines.

A Chinese PLA J-16 fighter jet flies at an unknown location. China has sent military aircraft to Taiwan’s defense zone on several occasions in recent years [File: Taiwan Ministry of Defense via AP Photo]

More than 100 aircraft have registered to be displayed in the air or on the ground, while China showcases its military might and its space ambitions, including a next-generation rocket and a heavy launcher.

The flying exhibits contain a number of products that China wants to export, including the AG600, the largest amphibious aircraft in the world, designed for firefighting and sea rescue functions.

The Wing Loong II, an armed drone similar to the US MQ-9 Reaper, has already been sold to customers, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan, while China competes with Western rivals to increase military exports .

A new range of drone products called Feihong, including an unmanned helicopter, swinging missiles and a new generation of stealth drones, are making their debut at the show.

“Beijing aims to promote not only locally-manufactured military aircraft and aerospace technologies, but also the ability to address almost any military requirement out there,” said Kelvin Wong, a Singapore-based defense technology analyst at Janes.

Taiwan has repeatedly complained attacks by China’s air force. Beijing claims that the democratically governed island is its own.

China has also built artificial islands and established military outposts in the South China Sea, which is also claimed by Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan.

His claim to almost the entire sea, based on the controversial line of nine stripes, was discharge by a court in The Hague in 2016 after the Philippines took legal action. Beijing ignored the ruling.

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