Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Of China Lunar lander has found water on the surface of the moon, the first time scientists have found evidence of a material site on Earth’s satellite. In a published study , Chinese researchers claim that the lander detected signs of a water molecule or hydroxyl, a close chemical cousin of H2O. Chang’e-5 uses a spectrometer to analyze the structure of the regolith near its landing site. It has been found that most soils have a water content of less than 120 parts per million, which makes the lunar surface much drier than the earth.

Hungley Lin et al.

Chinese scientists believe that most of the molecules came to the moon through a process called solar wind implantation. Particles charged from the sun carry hydrogen atoms to the surface of the moon where they later form water and hydroxyl with oxygen. The study is based on NASA results When it used a wind-powered infrared telescope to find evidence of water on the moon’s sunlight surface. For decades, scientists believed that the moon was completely dry because of its almost non-existent atmosphere. In the absence of an atmosphere, it was thought that there was nothing to protect water molecules from the harsh radiation of the sun.

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