China’s population has grown at the slowest pace in decades

According to new census data released on Tuesday, China’s population has grown at its slowest rate in more than half a century in 10 years.

The country’s decade-long census, which was completed in December, showed that its population had grown to 1.44 billion in 2020 from 1.4 billion a year earlier, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.

However, the figures show that the average annual population growth since 2010 has been only 0.03 percent, down from 0.07 percent in the previous decade – the lowest since the People’s Republic of China began collecting census data in 1953.

The The Financial Times reported Last month, the Chinese government announced a population decline in the first year of the year, according to the census. People close to NBS said the initial population came in at less than ৪ 1.4 billion, but that was revised.

Additional report from Jining Liu in Beijing

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