China’s Xinjiang province is an ‘open-air prison’, a U.S. official said

The annual U.S. report criticizes Iran, Myanmar, Russia, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia for their treatment of religious minorities.

China has turned its far-western region of Xinjiang into an “open-prison” for Uighur Muslims, a U.S. official says, adding that the United States has released an annual report on the state of religious freedom worldwide.

On Wednesday, Daniel Nadel, director of the US State Department’s Office for International Religious Freedom, said the Chinese government had “turned the whole region into a free-prison prison.”

China relied on the entry of large numbers of Uyghurs Camp Speaking at a news conference in Washington, D.C., Nadel said “for re-education” and “forced labor” but expanded his repression around the region.

“People’s movements have been closely followed. You have minders who are hired to make a living by keeping tabs with Uyghurs, ”Nadel said.

Under the 1998 law of the US Congress, the annual State Department of Religious Freedom Report is required and includes the conditions of religious freedom in dozens of countries around the world. In this year’s 2,300-page report, the United States criticizes not only China but also countries including Iran, Myanmar, Russia, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia for religious persecution.

“Ongoing crimes against humanity and the Chinese government will not shy away from continuing the genocide against members of the Uyghur and other ethnic and religious minority groups in Xinjiang,” Nadel said.

The US State Department has already decided in that annual human rights survey that China To commit “genocide” Against the Uyghurs.

President Joe Biden Raise the issue At a meeting in April with other members of the group of seven allied countries.

The United Nations says China has said about 10 million Uighurs have been housed in camps in the region, urging them to learn vocational skills and deal with extremist groups.

China says camps like Kashgar are vocational training centers and necessary to combat “extremism” [File: Ben Blanchard/Reuters]

Foreign Minister Wang Yi denied the allegations at the UN Human Rights Council in February.Defamatory attack

He said there were 24,000 mosques in the west, adding that “basic facts prove that Xinjiang has never had so-called genocide, forced labor or religious persecution.”

The persecution of Muslims in China is an extension of previous campaigns against Buddhists in Tibet and others, Nadel said.

“This could be seen as the end of a decade of religious austerity from Tibetan Buddhists to Christians to Falun Gang practitioners,” he said.

In connection with the release of the report, the State Department accused Yu Hui, a top official of the Chinese Communist Party, of “total human rights violations” for the arbitrary detention of Falun Gang followers.

At a news conference to launch the report, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Iran continues to intimidate, harass and arrest Baha’i, Christian, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Sunni and Sufi Muslims.

In Myanmar, the leaders of the military coup are among those responsible for ethnic cleansing and others Atrocities against RohingyasHe said most of them are Muslims.

Authorities in Russia continue to harass, detain and seize the property of Jehovah’s Witnesses as well as members of Muslim minority groups on the pretext of alleged violence.

Nigerian courts have convicted people of blasphemy, sentenced them to long prison terms or even death, and no action has been taken against the military. Genocide Hundreds of Shia Muslims in 2015.

Blinken said Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world without a Christian church, although more than a million Christians live in Saudi Arabia, Blinken said.

“Religious freedom is a human right; In fact, what it means to be human goes to the heart – to think freely, to follow our conscience, if our hearts and minds guide us to do so, to express our beliefs openly or secretly, “he said.

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