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Chinese state media released a video mocking Huawei's Western fears for the headline article.

Screenshot: Xinhua / Twitter

China’s state-run media outlet Xinhua released an English-language parody video aimed at the United States and Britain on Tuesday. Concerns over technology giant Huawei. And it’s one of those things that is both extremely awkward and incredibly interesting.

The video that was published Twitter And YouTube, From two detective agent character traits Britain who try to parody James Bond, with some Wayne’s world catchphrases for good measure.

In the video, the two intelligence agents meet at a castle to get their instructions from “M”, who has a new “single top priority” for Western spies. The man Agent, known as James Pond (understand?), Speculated that Julian Assange had escaped from prison or that Edward Snowden had been arrested.

While they are waiting, an agent Speaking of National Security Agency espionage. He further added that “China” has advanced promotional capabilities, something that is actually revealed by the United States during a hockey game when it flips through a folder to reveal the letter “USA”.

Chinese state media released a video mocking Huawei's Western fears for the headline article.

Screenshot: Xinhua / Twitter

Pond The spy character also used to say “me exSQUEEZE”, which was a catchphrase by SNL character Wayne Campbell. Owens World 1990s movies. It’s not clear why the spy character has been a catchphrase for 30 years, but Wayne is played by Mike Myers, who was Austin Powers The movie is a parody of the James Bond movie. Maybe the producers of this video are confused Austin Powers says “Let me go? “ He said “Yabba dabba do” at one point in Fred Flintstone’s catchphrase, so who knows? It’s all very confusing.

When agents finally talk to “M”, he tells James Pond not to buy a Huawei phone. When Pond asks why, he discovers that his handlers are spying on him.

“Then why not Huawei?” James Pond asked, before learning about American concerns at the back door. But another Agent, known as 0.06, Reveals that there is no real evidence behind the back door and it is all a vicious campaign led by Western intelligence agencies.

Huawei has been attacked by Western governments who believe the company’s technology could be compromised by the Chinese government. U.S. authorities have shed light on the details of how China would theoretically attack U.S. communications infrastructure, but last month it was reported that Chinese spies had successfully infiltrated the Australian network in 2012 using a Huawei software update. Bloomberg News. This is a claim that is incredibly difficult to independently confirm, of course.

At the end of the video, both agents are given a CIA-certified phone call, which is quite obvious bugged you really have Watch the video Just to appreciate The whole thing is so compelling and weird.

China clearly sees technological espionage as a weak point for the United States in the new Cold War. In February 2019, a Huawei executive made a similar attack on the Mobile World Congress, pointing to Edward Snowden’s revelation as a reason for distrusting U.S. authorities. Allegations of espionage.

The promotion of the English language in the Chinese state media has become even more bizarre in the last few years. In May 2020, Xinhua released a cartoon character named Terry-Kota claiming that China was stockpiling PPE to deal with the claim. Covid-19 worldwide. And Xinhua recently released a rapping video about American hypocrisy.

No one knows if 2022 holds for a new Cold War between the United States and China, but if today’s release is a guide, We can probably bet that it will be filled with lots of weird promotional videos.

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