Click and grow 25 home indoor gardens growing in your kitchen

An illustration of this indoor garden titled article will give you a green-year-round

Pictures: Click and increase

Click and increase to 25 The latest project by former orchestra conductor Matthias Lepp who felt that the idea of ​​indoor gardens – basically, the farmer’s market in a box would be the only tool to close the future food shortage. His company was established in 2009, Raised মিল 11 million in 2018 To develop new materials and hardware technology for indoor gardening. Now, he and the Click & Grow team are using the tools they used to create large-scale gardens and bring them home.

Lepp called his technology “hyper-local farming” and claimed that what he and his team have created is completely unique.

“We’ve explored both the vertical farming and the small internal growing device segment to reach those who are profitable and worldwide, as well as the future of sustainable food.” “Compared to large vertical farms, we’ve seen what the real problem is with vitamin-rich foods – it’s an extremely long supply chain that produces waste, nutrient depletion and transport emissions. They come from freshers, cleaners and more local urban farms, they sit in stores, move around and half go to waste in a dark corner Unlike fridge vertical farms, we have taken a step away from traditional thematic supply chain and found the only sustainable solution in terms of nature and business And they are increasing food instead of food. “

An illustration of this indoor garden titled article will give you a green-year-round

Pictures: Click and increase

The Click and Grow 25, currently available through Kickstarter, costs প্রাথমিক 399 for the initial bird and includes a frame, container and lights. The trees grow from the neck of the earth like coffee-pods and the whole system is designed for minimal interaction. Smart soil plants contain calibrated dirt and nutrients and the system automatically waters the plants.

The goal of the coating was to make the system as small and simple as possible.

“In 2018 we looked at the numbers and realized that, for example, a family of 4 could increase their food plates by a fifth of the extra affordable space, for example,” he said. The idea went through various experiments and prototypes over the years. It focuses on how to integrate a garden of this size into a small apartment in New York City and someone’s busy life with its ease of use. “

The team plans to ship in February 2022 and has several permits for the garden product, which you can stack with their wall for maximum space use. An app will tell you when to add water and when to prepare your vegetables.

The product has already been fully funded for more than 7 227,000 counts and calculations, and it seems to people that just as much as a hungry family or just a hungry rabbit may need to be fed.

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