Coinbase made its debut on Wall and Bitcoin arrived on Wall Street

Physicists live constantly Revisiting how the bubbles burst. This is one of the risky simple, working problems in physics The force that keeps a bike upright. The problem is that when bubbles are always popping around us, those pops occur in a fraction of a second, which makes it harder to glimpse the basic principles. But a few years ago, using exceptionally fast cameras, scientists noticed an unusual phenomenon: bubbles, when they burst, turned many bubbles into “daughters”, calling them – which surrounds the parents. In other words, there are countless people in a bubble waiting to be instantly created and destroyed.

How many bubbles are waiting in this predictable spring? In recent months, money has moved away from reality and into new areas of strangeness: Nonfungible tokens, memecoins, And Stone. Ask an economist why, and they will tell you that there was very little room for money. Lots of money was printed during the epidemic. For many, it was directly groceries and rents; But others were already flushed and wanting a return. Cash cannot be kept, because cash does not pay, and inflation is long; Bonds are not giving back what they once did. So the first stocks were wise choices, especially technology stocks whose rising values ​​could be reasonable with years of distant work.

But logic can only carry so many trillion dollar valuations. Then why not invest Bitcoin? People entered and the value turned to despair, and perhaps worryingly, the heights, recently exceeded $ 60,000 and those NFTs and dozecoins helped. Even many of those investors are afraid of the bubble, so they are interested in Coinbase, The Debut. Cryptocurrency The exchange is seen as a safe, friendly exposure to the crypto world. Today, Coinbase will launch Nasdaq as a বিল 100 billion company, at least on paper, in the most valuable debut in history, and roughly the equivalent of Facebook in 2012. Of course it has a solid foundation.

Market debuts have something to say about the future. A group of bankers and venture capitalists now work together to determine what things are worth, creating expectations of how it will grow. Today’s coinbase Buying and selling coins like Bitcoin and charging a fee for it is almost basic; Future Coinbase is built on the grinder involving some more currencies and a larger array of cryptocurrency-infused products like NFT and “decentralized” like. Something Analysts are skeptical. The question is whether the way in which Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, has kept this “cryptocurrency” will prove to be as big as the promise. Critics point out that even if this reality is implemented, the industry will attract more competition (as it already has) and return Coinbase fees.

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Cryptocurrency represents amazing technological advances. Bitcoin has a way to go before a real replacement or even merger with the global financial system.

In the interim, Coinbase is a bitcoin company. It was never exactly a secret, but its public enrollment documents show that about 60 percent of the company’s revenue comes from Bitcoin fees. Whatever the case, other currencies have risen on its platform and fallen with Bitcoin. (Another parent’s bubble and its daughters)) The company relies on Bitcoin’s volatility and its potential stimulus. Despite the rise in cryptocurrency prices earlier this year, the company’s first-quarter revenue was $ 1.6 billion, up from a year earlier. In 2019, when the price of Bitcoin was much lower and no one was talking about it, Coinbase lost 30 million.

All of this means that the Coinbase listing is a bit like the Bitcoin stock market. Which is weird, think about when you started Bitcoin. In his 2019 book, Narrative Economics, Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Schiller describes the rise of Bitcoin as a story-telling feat. He had the privilege of writing first, and the unique freedom of technology from the authorities, which contained the story, has become a hedge against the collapse of government and inflation. Others, including Bloomberg’s Joe Weissental, have described Bitcoin as a “trust-based” asset. Belief as religion. It started with its pseudonymous prophet Satoshi Nakamoto, who compiled the code and disappeared. It contains a program of code words, a sacred white paper, the creation of new blocks in the chain “half-mastered”. Yes, all resources require trust. But the belief in the dollar is not a physical paper or currency, it is the US government in bitcoin, the belief is in the thing, the network that makes and keeps coins.

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