Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

Moirine rides fast on a white horse on a rocky beach, his blue cape flying in the wind.

Pictures: Jan Theses / Prime Studios

The first three episodes of Prime Studio Live-action adaptation Of Robert Jordan The wheel of time This series came out last Friday, and if you haven’t read the books, it could be … a little more. There are many Name and place to keep track of learning, as well as organization, culture, mythology and lingo All of those TVs were dropped within the first three hours. Fortunately — or perhaps necessarily — there is a substantial guide to learning from Amazon The wheel of time Ready for you.

Here’s the good news: so far, it still covers the people, locations, and events seen in the episodes, so there’s no danger of spoilers if you look for some clarity when watching your show. Here’s the good news: Even if you don’t have Amazon Prime, it can be checked out for free, which means you can figure it out and see if you feel like cashing out. The wheel of time.

There are, of course, short biographies of the eight main characters, but the series has an amazingly powerful map of the places we’ve seen so far, as well as a timeline of events in each episode, constantly growing as a pick. The wheel of time“Guide. The most comprehensive resource is a collection of myths, organizations, creations, artifacts, and landmarks, which very helpfully explain the relationship between the pattern of fate, the taverns who can change it, and the wheel that weaves it. Again, if you read the original fantasy books. None of this information is likely to be new to you, but if you don’t take extensive notes while watching the Amazon show, chances are Something You can get out of this –Just head here And scroll down.


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