Colon colonial pipeline hackers say they are ‘apolitical’ and simply out to make money

The hacking group is suspected of launching that cybertack A major U.S. pipeline suffocated It issued a statement last week stating that it had no political motivation. “We are politicians, we do not participate in geopolitics, we do not need to have a defined government tied to us and we do not need to explore other motives.” The dark side According to, the Ryansomwar group said on its site on the Dark Web Motherboard.

The aftermath of the attack on the colonial pipeline, which consumed half of the fuel consumed across the east coast, is still being felt. Local news Is the outlet Reporting Petrol crisis risks, when Reuters Reported that several U.S. refiners are booking tankers to store refined oil off the Gulf coast. The colony, which shut down the pipeline in response to the ransom attack, said it was hopeful they would restore services “over the weekend.”

As part of this, Darkside claims that its purpose is to “make money” and not to cause major deviations. In the future, it said, it would change its approach to target selection to avoid “social consequences.” The group’s statement came as U.S. law enforcement continued to provide more details about the source of the attack. Although officials are trying to unravel whether it was a concerted effort by a national state.

The FBI yesterday Sure The Darkside Rentamware – believed to be run by a Russian cybercrime of the same name – was used to carry out the attack. According to New York Times, Federal officials believe the malware operated in the office behind the Colon colony instead of pipeline control systems. Preliminary investigations revealed weak security practices that made it “easy enough” for hackers to infiltrate the company’s network.

President Biden said there was no evidence that the Russian government was involved, “there is evidence that the actor’s ransom was in Russia.” He continued: “We are working with the FBI and the DOJ [Department of Justice] Rainsware to deter criminals and bring them to justice. “

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