Colon virus epidemic to buy Covid vaccine for Atletico Paransense fans in Brazil News

The Brazilian football club has said it plans to buy vaccines for players, officials and paid members for fans.

Brazil’s top flying football club, Atletico Paranance, has said it wants to buy the COVID-19 vaccine and provide it to players, officials and fans with free paid membership.

Earlier this week, Brazil’s Congress passed a law allowing private companies to buy vaccines, and Athletico said it would buy them in conjunction with other businesses if it took effect.

The Curitiba-based club, which won the Copa Sudamericana in 2018, said on Thursday that it would provide all their staff, players, backroom staff and these vaccines. [members] “Even if they can’t go to the stadium, they are helping by paying their monthly membership dues during the epidemic.”

Atletico did not say how many members they had, but media reports put the disease at between 20,000 and 30,000 before the epidemic.

Brazil hit very hard

The club’s monthly membership, which is equivalent to a season ticket to Europe, is priced between Brazilian Real (13.5) and 350 Real (.962.9).

The club added in a statement, “Aveletico also invites all organizations involved in football to do their part to help the country overcome the COID-11 epidemic.”

The epidemic took shape in Brazil on Thursday, with officials saying a record 4,249 people died daily on Thursday.

The virus, the most populous country in South America, has killed more than 345,000 people.

Brazil is leading the world in a new average number of deaths per day due to the coronavirus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged the country’s dire situation due to the coronavirus, saying the country is in a “critical situation” with an overcrowded healthcare system.

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