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অ্যানিমেটেড জেলিস্টোন চরিত্রগুলি সিন্ডি (একটি যুদ্ধের কুড়াল ধারণ করে), যোগী (একটি চেইনসো ধারণ করে, এবং বু-বু (একটি বড় হাতুড়ি ধরে)) বুঝতে পেরে তারা ডেকে আনা হচ্ছে।

Cindy, Yogi and Bu-Bu understand they are being summoned.
Screenshot: HBO is the highest

Although you knew that Hannah-Barbara cartoons would appear HBO Max’s upcoming JellystoneThe series reconsiders them E.g. The mayor of Huckleberry Hound is a happy-go-lucky (somewhat unnecessary) citizens of the rushing metropolis) Time Jellystone At the panel San Diego Comic-Con 20 Home 2021, Executive Producer CH Greenblatt, Supervising Director Ian Waseluk, Jeff Bergman (Yogi Bear), Grace Hellbig (Cindy Bear), and Nicole Thurman (Jabbarjao) sat down to talk about the show’s approach to reviving its classic characters for a modern audience.

Greenblatt explained that the show is pulling from the perfect Hannah-Barbara Canon, most humor shows were composed by shows of his choice Laughter Olympics Where the characters Often present together In different situations. “The real idea was that we were going to make a bunch of shorts similar to what they were doing Looney tune Shorts, “Greenblatt explained.” And so I spent some time working on the characters, and the more I played with them, the more we realized that the best part about the Hannah-Barbara characters was their whole world and their breadth. “

In addition to a number of new images from Jellystone, The creative team also gave the first peek at a scene from the series, which we got for the pleasure of watching you.

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Jellystone On July 29, 2021, HBO hit Max.

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