Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

If you can bid and make 3NT contracts, you will be a bridge winner. Can you see a way to guarantee your contract here?

Dealer: South
Love to all

West led 7 ♠ to East’s 10 ♠ and declarer won the trick with J ♠. Because South needed an extra trick, South attacked the promising club suit, which led Q ♣ and, when West followed small, ran it to East’s K ♣. But now, 8 ♠ was returned, and West took five more digging tricks. Two down in quick time.

Publisher should analyze the play to make first trick and visualize the layout of the suit. If East held A or V, she would have played it. When she contributes only 10 ♠, it marks West with ♠ AQ. Therefore, it is East who must keep South ahead, for fear that she will give back a shovel and that the weak ♠ K5 hold will be eaten up by West. If West gets the lead in a different suit, she can not lead a shovel without providing another trick for South.

Since declarant only needs one extra trick, she can obtain it completely safely in hearts. At trick 2 she plays 2 ♦ to A ♦, and then leads 3 ♥. When East plays low, she puts in 10 ♥. If it wins, it’s her ninth trick. In fact, West takes Q ♥, and tries maybe 7 ♣. Publisher must get up with A ♣, play a heart after A ♥, and then return to dummy with K ♦ to cash 10 ♥ – this is now her ninth trick and her contract secured.

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