Coronavirus Guide: Symptoms, Tests, Treatment and Economy

It’s over One year after the first known case of coronavirus was reported in China, the threat of the virus went beyond normal life, and phrases such as “social distance” and “search for communication” became inscribed in our combined vocabulary. From unemployment statistics to drug trials, new information about the epidemic is constantly evolving, and dozens of theories about the disease are never being developed or disproved. The questions are bigger than anything as the epidemic enters its second year [how to get a vaccine appointment]( Per Whether we need to think about new forms. We have a guide to what you need to know about this epidemic – how to entertain your kids or how the outbreak is affecting the economy. We will update it regularly Helps you keep track All aspects of this rapidly evolving situation

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Basic background

What is coronavirus and when does it take epidemic shape

2019 coronavirus We know one in a hundred, and one in seven is known to infect humans. This virus Affected lungs And also causes fever and sometimes gastrointestinal problems. The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus situation a Global emergency In January 2020 and at Extreme In the middle of March. The epidemic is likely to end, but some experts now say it is possible The virus will become local And stay close in less deadly form. We do not know exactly when and how the virus jumped Bats for humansAlthough Trying To trace SARS-CoV-2 Return to its source.

Covid 19 symptoms

The The most common symptoms Covid-19 has a dry cough, fever and shortness of breath. Diarrhea among others and include Loss Of The smell Or Taste. Some people develop Severe blood clots. The disease is expertFairly light for some And fatal to others. Scientists I can’t say for sure why, But Women are less likely to die than men. We know that Older peopleEspecially the underlying health problems The more the risk. And Kids rent better than adults, If not Kids with toddlers, toddlers and other conditions The disease Can be fatal. On the long road to recovery, people have gained experience “Brain fog”, Heart problems, And another puff Long-term problem.

Problems related to social distance and security

Establishing social distance About Stay away from other people For Long enough to slow the spread Of the virus. When you need to be close to others, such as at grocery stores, when delivering food, or when traveling, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Advises to stay 6 feet away. To implement this, many states have implemented Shelter-place order At points throughout the epidemic. Started as place Open again– and rolled back plans to reopen –Everyone has questions What about safe. You should still avoid traveling, Especially by plane. Scientists are still trying to figure out How the virus spreads through the air, Especially in dense cities. Some public health experts have also begun to make a living in the midst of the epidemic Color-coded guide. But there is no intelligent way Risk calculation. The only way to spread Covid-19 is to follow it all Public health guidelines We have as much as possible

How long do coronaviruses stay on the surface (and how to disinfect them)

Coronavirus can be permanent Up to two or three days on some surfaces, So it is important to be regular Clean and disinfect high-touch fittings and surfaces Like doorcombs, remote controls and counters. That said, we now know that you Much more likely Get coronavirus from the shared air rather than the shared surface. There is one important thing you can do Wash your hands! You want Soap or disinfectant, But you can also find none in stores Make your own sanitizer.

Wearing and making masks

The CDC recommends wearing a mask If not double In public places where social distance measures are difficult to maintain. They a Must have, And here are a few of the regions Our favorite. When you are storing, keep this in mind Not all masks are created equal, But making your own cloth mask is all you need A T-shirt and two rubber bands.

New virus forms

All viruses change Over time they spread Person to person. The novel is no exception to the coronavirus, but only recently Various new strains It seems to have grown More contagious. The good news is, so far, the vaccines we have are effective enough to protect against these new alternatives. And not all forms are The cause of the alarm. As a scientist Increased genetic sequence Per Trace these and other conversions As vaccination continues to be more effective and vaccinated, the arrival of these strains means that social distance guidance is more important than ever.

Testing, treatment, and vaccination

Latest testing update

Recently, especially On holidays, Many people work with the idea that a negative test means it is safe to gather with others. As we know The latest fall superspreader event In the White House, we need to do more than just test for the virus to spread. And even the test results themselves do not necessarily come into account The density of the disease.

Covid-19 treatment

At the moment, there is no specific treatment for Covid-19. Some researchers have investigated Chloroquine, Malaria drug Intercepted by President Trump, But there is No. Proof That’s it A usable treatment. Others are looking at a use Anti-influenza drug And Crispy To treat the disease. The Antiviral remedial Maybe HelpfulAlthough Expensive. Hopefully you will find the research Old medicine Effective for the treatment of Covid-1 treat, thereby facilitating The process of drug discovery. All in all, though Covid-19 drug research has proven Pretty messy.

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