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Paul Gosser, Republican representatives from the state of Arizona and some said, A Friends of white nationalists, Recently posted a picture of herself on Twitter showing a long green arrow on her penis.

Right-wing congressman, who has Never seen A conspiracy theory that he did not like and a Trump fans, Has a healthy track record of posting weird things online. He is a fan Memes And GIF And, in general, not afraid to do things like that Sprinkle “Epstein didn’t kill himself.” In the weird Twitter thread.

So it wasn’t completely out of character for him, when Monday, He tweeted A strange picture of him standing in the desert with a green arrow in front of a bunch of cactus. At first glance, the cryptic image resembles the cover of a bad indie-rock album, or maybe a coded QAnon image.

Not long after, He tweeted More photos: The first shows him and former President Trump in an oval office with straight green lines on their bodies. Meanwhile, another shows current President Joe Biden, leaning over to talk to a young girl. Here, a diagonal green line of biden is pressed on it.

If you’re confused, they look like this:

Understandably, there were a lot of people I was surprised Just what the hell was all about.

The mysterious symbol actually appears to have originated from an online personality. “Artist Rivelino“-A kind of Red pills An employee who explains an irrational theory to appeal directly to women. According to Rivelino, if you literally lean towards your girlfriend (you know, hug her or give her something) while taking pictures, you are a weak person and she will find you attractive. For context, Rivelino tweets the following:

Why can’t there be a man? When a man leans towards his daughter, he reveals that he feels needy and inferior. He reveals that he has a weak mindset and he feels dependent on him

Or it:

Ask Rivelino “Why do so many guys lean into photos with their girls?” In part, this is because we have lost touch with masculinity and do not know how to be masculine. But sometimes, men are actually strong and just misguided. They believe that leaning is “defensive”. It’s not

See example:

Rivelino posted countless pictures of men and women standing next to each other, a straight or diagonal green line symbolizing their weakness or strength – as seen in Gosser’s tweet on Monday.

Its ridiculous is that as a mail magazine Pointed out, It is difficult to say whether Rivelino’s content is legitimate or pure online satire. For example, his other main advice for men is that you should never Give your crutch cover Because with your hands it means you are ashamed for your dick. Is it possible that this is not a joke?

It’s not clear who “Rivelino” actually is. In addition to a Twitter account, he apparently has one YouTube channel And a InstagramIn which both are filled with the same ridiculous element. However, there is nothing that is equivalent to an organic or a backstory that can explain exactly who is behind this obsolete notion.

Excluding all this, perhaps the biggest puzzle is not who created the green line theory, but why Gossar felt the need to tweet about it. We might assume that Biden is basically calling him a crow with a diagonal line. Meanwhile, Gossar and Trump get tempting straight lines and so they are alpha hi-men. Other than that, though, there are a lot of questions. Such as …

  • Why did Gossar choose a picture of himself standing next to three cactuses?
  • Why is Cacti given a feminine, diagonal line, when she is given a straight, masculine line?
  • Is the GOP representative proving his dominance over the cake? Do they represent his political enemies? Is Biden a cactus?

I can’t make its head or tail. We arrived at Gosser’s office to try to get some help explaining these coded images. However, this may not have had any real purpose, since, even inconsistent, the tweets have already served their purpose – which was to tell everyone about Gossip.

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