Sun. May 22nd, 2022

One of the largest online marketplaces for non-fungible tokens is once again the focus of controversy. One of its employees just a few months later For To make a profit on NFT drops, Opensi caused a stir among its users this week when it suddenly announced that it was setting a limit on its free minting tool. The feature allows people to first create and list an “NFT without paying”The fee charged by crypto miners for writing new data in blockchain is

, OpenSea says it will add a 50 item limit to the tool. Presumably, the announcement was not popular with openness users and the company quickly reversed the trajectory. But in doing so, it provides some context about the feature. A. Marked by The company said that more than 80 percent of the recently created NFTs involved stolen work or spam through its free minting tool.

This is a wonderful number, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise. There are artists and photographers That company has not done enough to prevent scammers and bots from profiting from their work. In fact, there is a whole Dedicated to document NFT theft.

“Every decision we make, we make with our creators in mind. We basically created our shared storefront agreement to make it easier for creators to unboard in space,” OpenSea said on Twitter. “We did not take this decision lightly. We’ve made changes to address the feedback we’ve received from our entire community. “

OpenSea added that it is working on a number of “solutions” that will hopefully satisfy users while resisting bad actors. To move forward, the company promises to preview those changes before it rolls out massively.

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