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Sadly, the image in the article titled 'Covid Dick' is true

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It seems we can add sexual dysfunction to the long list of unexpected and unpleasant effects of coronavirus. Fortunately, this does not seem to be a common occurrence, and there are some potential remedies that victims can try.

This week, the slate-driven sex counseling podcast How to do it An anonymous letter discusses the painful story of a writer who suffered from what became known as “covid dick”. The author, who identified himself as a heterosexual man in his 30s, said he became very ill and was hospitalized from Covid-19 last July. After she was released, she began to experience erectile dysfunction (ED). Although his symptoms improved after seeing a doctor, the man is said to have left a bright reminder of his ordeal. Before Covid-19 described himself as average in penis size, he said that his penis had now shrunk by about 1.5 inches and that he had “definitely fallen below average.”

The podcast host, to their credit, also interviewed a pair of urologists who rightly point out that there is clear evidence that Covid-19 is associated with erectile dysfunction. This was a study last November, for example, Found Among men infected with Covid-19, those who have not been exposed to Covid-19 are almost three times more likely to be infected with ED. Some studies have suggested that the risk can be approx Surgery Higher, yet another Guess Small, about 20% growth risk is suggested. A Small percentage Among people with chronic colic, including women, sexual dysfunction has been reported as one of their symptoms. And sometimes, ED can actually lead to contractions, especially if it is due to physical damage and scars that cause the penis to stop erecting regularly.

There are several theories about how Covid-19 can cause ED. The infection can probably reach the penile tissue and directly Loss In the surrounding blood vessels. It may also be due to the indirect effects of the infection on the immune system, which can trigger malignant inflammation. (Excessive reactive immune system and vascular damage also occurs The main suspect “The back of the covid toes.”) And the experience of hospitalization in severe cases can affect the body, including the penis. The risk of ED from vascular damage is probably higher in people who already have other relevant health conditions that can affect blood circulation, such as type 2 diabetes. Many cases of ED can also be stressful and stressful, and surviving Covid unfortunately carries a higher risk of experiencing it.

That said, age is by far the biggest risk factor for ED, with 70% of men Experience Some levels of it in their 70’s. And although we do not seem to have solid data on the actual prevalence of covid-related ED, it does not appear to affect a large proportion of men. For example, a November survey found that less than 5% of the men in the sample were diagnosed with ED after Covid-19.

As a slate host note, there are readily available treatments for ED, such as the drug sildenafil (Viagra). Even a compressed penis can be treated or prevented by a urologist referring to it as “penile rehab,” which may include stretching exercises and / or penis-pumping devices. So if you’re worried about the awesome Covid Dick, all hope is gone. And for the record, there are There is no proof At this point in the link between vaccination for ED and covid-19.

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