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A white-haired man wearing a black trench coat is pointing a sword at the prone but armed Spike Spiegel in front of a stained glass window of Netflix's live-action Cowboy Babbage.

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Forget generic blog suggestions! We are forever waiting to see it all The first real trailer For Netflix live-action Cowboy Bebop The series is to wait. Clock.

If you have no attachment to the original Cowboy Bebop Anime series, I highly doubt it looks like a fun, where sci-fi series John Cho Have a fun hairdo and chase bounties across sTheyIstem with his friend and the woman he wants to kill occasionally. Also, there is a Funny soundtrack And an adorable corgi.

Why don’t you want to check out that show? Okay, if you’re some old-school, avid fan who loves the original TV series so strongly, so exclusively that you think the anime should have a shot-for-shot remake. Then you’ll probably be annoyed by the less publicized sex version of actor Daniela Pineder Faye, the (apparent?) Lack of Ed character, and the minor changes from a hundred other mediums. The change that some of you may be screaming at your pillow at night, never realizing that if Netflix adaptation tries to cater to your aspirations by all means, whatever the need to change from anime to live-action, and you’re not going to be happy.

But I don’t think anime fans who really understand are right Cowboy Bebop You can do the show and enjoy it because Cowboy Babb Remix. (Which, honestly, is probably what they should have said. It’s no more confusing to a regular listener than “Cowboy Babbage.”) , And the backstory, and good luck knows what else, but it’s not dedicated to recreating the original frame for the frame. Honestly, these are the bits I think I like the most – when I feel it Bebop She has the confidence to find her own style by turning off the original script.

It’s definitely a lot to read in a 2.5-minute trailer, however, 1) I was paid to do it, but 2) more importantly, we know people made Netflix shows Purposefully Their version is trying to do a remix of the original. Author Javier Grillo-Marksuach told io9 Last year, “You got a show where you have 26 episodes that are full of very colorful villains, very colorful stories, very colorful opponents, grace and all this. We’re not going to go into all those stories one by one because we’re trying to tell a broader story of Spike Spiegel and Syndicate, Spike Spiegel and Julia, Spike Spiegel and Vicius and all of this. But we watch the show and say, ‘Who are some of the great villains of this show, and how can we put them in this broad description?’ So that we are both telling big stories Cowboy Bebop Says. “

If this first trailer is an accurate indication, live-action Cowboy Bebop Just do it. And if it turns out that this remix isn’t for you, well, you always have the original album. Cowboy Bebop, Where Cho played the role of Spike Spiegel, Mustafa Shakir As Jet Black, And Pineda as Faye Valentine, premiering on Netflix on November 19th.

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