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From that day For Game Boy, the biggest joy of handheld gaming is portability. Button-mashing can be done anywhere from the park bench to the back seat of the car. This has become even more true in the last two years, when it has become a way to be able to play while reuniting with the outside world. Covid-19 Deal with anxiety. Last week, though, I discovered a whole new utility: to help keep me calm when I’m stuck on a train for 35 hours সাথে with a baby.

This revelation came at the beginning of 2022 through a catastrophic catastrophe Like many other families, I was struggling with what to do with the increasing number of Omicron cases this holiday season. In the end, my husband and I decided to get out of the Philadelphia cold and take our baby south to my parents’ house, get out of the car and take an Amtrak train back. We can be separated from my family, and, on the way home, try to stay covid-safe in a private cabin. However, like many others, when we are stuck A huge snow storm pummeled Northeast last week, leaving cars stranded on I-95, Virginia, and we got stuck in our cabin without waiting.

The trouble started around 5:30 in the morning when I woke up and saw that the train was not running. There were trees on the track between Richmond and Washington, DC, and we couldn’t move until they were clear. The surreal turn of events, we didn’t get any updates until about noon because the train conductor forgot to include our car in the announcement. We had no idea when we would move again, but in many ways we were lucky. We had heat, private space, a bathroom, and when others on the train asked about diapers or formula, overpacking ensured we weren’t hungry.

What we needed, though, was a way to keep our little ones from crying. We had an iPhone 12 Pro with battery life, an iPad and a Nintendo Switch. It was next, and especially Comfortable groveThat protects us all.

Illustration: Courtesy of the Quantum Astrophysicist Guild

I like to describe Comfortable grove As a kind of quest-based Animal crossing. You are a Spirit Scout and your job is to help the ghost bears around your island get their memories back so they can move on peacefully. It was a quiet, quiet game, and the game certainly helped reduce my nervousness about the situation, my kid spent most of the time, instructed his mother to show him different things on the island-whether it was fish, Mr. Kit (“Mom, I want to see a fox! ”), Or a seashell. He was particularly fond of the various bears on the island, telling me to guess which one he wanted to see. (“Does it look like corn or flowers?” Has been a common question for a long time.) The part I was most grateful for was that thanks to my passionate upgrade to the Nintendo Switch OLED, I easily got a six-hour game session. Which made a huge difference in our journey.

At 1:30 am the next day, we arrived at our destination unnoticed 35 35 hours after departure. Fortunately, my baby was already asleep when we got there, and he went to bed as soon as we got home. But even after he left, I kept wandering around Comfortable grove The island is still the perfect escape, although I’m not stuck anymore.

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