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South Korea asks App Store to cancel 'play-to-earn'

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Play-to-earn (P2E) game where users trade while playing their game for crypto income The latest trend Taking the crypto community by storm, and the latest issue of crackdown in South Korea. The regional newswear was Navarre First to report South Korean authorities have asked Apple and Google to block the games. Domestic distribution.

The request came from South Korea’s Game Management Committee (GMC) – an official branch of the country’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism – as part of South Korea’s ongoing efforts to implement the new law for app store operators across the region. Authorities recently announced that Apple and Google must be allowed as part of these rules Third party payment system In their respective South Korean app stores.

Local lawmakers Complaint Since the passage in August, the two companies have not been doing a great job of complying with that particular payment order, and it is unclear whether the law will have the desired effect on South Korean authorities. Some of the country’s top game developers are going ham with P2E games At the moment, Despite being often Technically It is already illegal to distribute on South Korean soil.

As a GMC officer Explained From CoinTelegraph, for this reason some cash is paid out The popular P2E title has surpassed 10,000 in the South Per pop Korean won (about $ 8.40), which means they technically qualify as “rewards” under current South Korean law. Based on that, the official said, it would be “reasonable” to withhold P2E games from getting the required age rating to be listed in the App Store – probably because doing so would give young people irresponsible access. Unstable currency.

These pre-existing local laws do not prevent P2E operators from distributing their games, which leads us to GMC’s latest application to App Store operators.

Never reported that the committee sent a letter this week asking Apple and Google to block app developers from registering in stores without current age ratings from GMC. Or through in-house grading operators. But if these games can’t get a grading in the first place because of the high earnings promised by the players, then fine.

South Korean authorities have basically painted game developers in a corner where the only way to get listed is to pay users less, which seems like a move that would bite players more than anyone else. But considering how there is so much in this country Strict rules When citizens are allowed to earn bitcoin, it’s no surprise that games এবং and gamers পড়তে are on fire.

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