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Hospitals in India are overflowing with coronavirus patients, as relatives of the sick rush to deliver oxygen and work on almost the entire crematorium fever to deal with the dead.

Yet despite these clear signs of an irresistible health crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi came forward with a dense package campaign rally.

“I’ve never seen such a huge crowd before!” Earlier, on April 1, he roared to his supporters in the state of West Bengal Local local selection. “Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. I can’t see anything else. ”

When the more deadly wave of COVID-19 infection swept India, the Modi government refused to cancel it. The main Hindu festival Cricket matches were also held with tens of thousands of people in attendance.

Modi is a ‘super-spreader’

Criticism has been seen sitting at home because of the catastrophic home.

His image as a technocrat brought him deep approval for middle-class corruption and bureaucratic inefficiency, accusing him of choosing politics to stifle dissent over public health.

Dr. Vice President of the Indian Medical Association. Newborn Dahiya also called him “Super Spreader”.

Critics say the death toll is rising and the rollout of a vaccine has plummeted, with Modi imposing most of the responsibility for fighting the virus on less equipped and unprepared state governments and even on patients, critics say.

“This is a crime against humanity,” writer and activist Arundhati Roy said of Modi managing the virus.

“Foreign governments are rushing for help. But as long as Modi is in favor of making the decision, who has shown himself incapable of working with experts or looking beyond the protection of narrow political gain, it will be like helping to run it. ”

When the official COVID-19 death toll exceeded 200,000 – multiple experts say it was a final figure – Modi was silent.

His government says it is “on a war footing”, increasing the hospital’s capacity, oxygen and drug supply.

“The current COVID epidemic is a century of crisis,” Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar told the Associated Press.

“The central government is making every effort to overcome the situation in close coordination with the larger state government and society.”

When Modi won the national elections in 2014, he presented himself as someone who could unlock economic growth by merging business-friendly policies with Hindu nationalist ideology.

Critics saw him as capable of supporting the national welfare and his Hindu nationalist base. He was convicted by a court in the 2002 bloody anti-Muslim riots in the state of Gujarat – even though he was its chief minister.

The economy has shrunk since his government introduced tariffs on goods and services, overloading India’s cash supply. Yet he was easily re-elected in 2012 on a wave of nationalism after clashes with elite Pakistan.

Milan Vaishnav, director of the South Asia program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said, “Modi has proved incredibly politically strong,” despite a second term due to the frozen economy, escalating social strife and deadly clashes with neighboring China.

When the coronavirus hit, Vaishnavism said that Modi took a different view than former US President Donald Trump and current Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro.

“He never cheated on the virus. He took the matter seriously. He encouraged wearing masks, social distance. He has encouraged the health authorities to take the kind of action they are calling for everywhere, “he added.

Last year, a nationwide crackdown, imposed on four hours of notice, left millions of migrant workers stranded and forced to flee their villages. But experts say the decision infected the virus and bought time for the government.

When the country resumed operations in June 2020, the cases escalated and the government developed an emergency infrastructure plan. When the wave subsided and there were reports of cases sinking in the winter, many officials saw it as a victory.

States have dismantled temporary hospitals and delayed adding ICU beds and ventilators.

The government had earlier tried to build 1,162 oxygen plants, but only 37. It added that 105 more will be built this month.

The fragile healthcare system has not been adequately upgraded, said Gautam Menon, a professor of science at Ashok University, “and with the current growth we are seeing the dire consequences of not doing so.”

When the concerns of the case surfaced in January, Modi joked about India’s success and told the World Economic Forum that the country had “effectively saved humanity from a major catastrophe by holding the corona.”

His ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) praised his “visionary leadership”, making India a “proud and victorious country in the fight against Kovid”.

Thousands of cricket matches were played against England at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Gujarat in mid-March, an event that raised national pride amid warnings that the transition was finally on the rise.

Hindus take a holy dip in the Ganges River during the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India [File: Idrees Mohammed/EPA]

On March 21, the front page advertisements of the newspaper read: “Beautiful Clean Safe”, Modi and his political ally Hindus welcomed the Ganges pilgrimage to the Kumbh Mela, which attracted millions of people throughout April.

In contrast, in March 2020, his government Blame a Muslim gathering প্রাথমিক 3,000 as the initial spike in infection in a move that sparked violence and boycotts even after the court dismissed the allegations.

Critics have blamed the BJP, especially in West Bengal, for holding thousands of unsupported rallies. Other parties also campaigned to a large crowd.

Kneeling to criticism, Modi began appearing on video instead of in person, but the crowd remained intact despite his party’s defeat in the state.

‘What kind of Prime Minister is Modi?’

Meanwhile, the government has ordered Twitter to curb criticism Delete post Criticism of his epidemic response.

In BJP-led Uttar Pradesh, authorities recently accused a man of providing oxygen for his dead grandfather in a tweet, accusing him of “spreading a rumor” as higher officials widely deny the lack of oxygen.

“It’s okay to criticize or blame both social media or users for begging for help – I mean, what are their priorities?” To help people or to silence criticism? Digital rights activist Nikhil Pahwa said.

Political analyst Vaishnav says the level of urban and middle-class resentment against Modi is unprecedented, though it has been washed away by supporters who believe he can do no wrong.

“He should not be expected to solve all the problems himself. The government machinery in front of him, full of corruption, is being blamed, ”said New Delhi driver Sunil Saini. “My vote will go to Modi next time.”

Meanwhile, India Vaccination promotion The virus, which began in January, has spread amid speculation that it has been defeated. Since its inception in January, only 10 percent of the population has received a shot, and less than 2 percent have received both.

The latest attempt to inoculate between the ages of 18 and 44 has been left to the state and private sector – critics say it would be easier for the government to blame when a problem arises.

Meanwhile, several states have said they don’t even have enough vaccines to start.

The severity of the virus has increased Help Spark From abroad, in contrast to India’s previous success in “vaccine diplomacy” when it exports million4 million doses. Some have said that Modi’s main self-reliance campaign, known as “Make in India”, is being undermined.

“India has long tried to build itself as a strong nation that is not dependent on anyone else. Michael Kugelman of the Asia program at the Wilson Center in Washington says the urgent need for international assistance flies in the face of that picture.

Some Modi supporters are being beaten. In the state of Uttar Pradesh, when BJP MLA Kesar Singh died of the gangwar virus, his son said Modi’s office was useless.

“What kind of government is this? What kind of Prime Minister is Modi? “If he can’t treat a member of parliament from his own party, then what is happening to the common man is anyone’s guess,” said the giant gangster.

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