Crisis is being created as El Salvador’s congressional top judges vote

Experts in the field of human rights and justice have slammed lawmakers allied with El Salvador’s President Noub Buccaneer for voting to dismiss top Supreme Court justices, saying the move was aimed at removing opposition to Buchel’s firm hold on power.

On Saturday, the legislature voted in favor of dismissing all judges in the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court to issue a “voluntary” decision.

Lawmakers also voted in favor of dismissing Attorney General Raul Melara, who is considered close to the opposition.

Buchel’s Nevus Ideas (New Ideas) party and its allies have since gained an absolute majority in the chamber. The legislature won by a landslide In February

“And the people of El Salvador, through their representatives, said: Crash! Buckley tweeted following the vote.

Alyssa Rosales, MLA leader of New Ideas, said the move was necessary to address the Cavid-19.

He said there was “clear evidence” that five judges had obstructed the government’s health strategy and that MPs had to remove them to protect the people.

El Salvador’s President Naib Buccane has denied allegations that he is trying to gain control of his country [File: Jose Cabezas]

Just minutes after the vote, the judges reacted with the verdict, saying the congressional decision was unconstitutional, setting off a clash of the country’s top powers.

Several human rights organizations and experts have sounded the alarm, accusing President El Salvador of leading a political crisis.

Jose Miguel Vivanco, executive director of Human Rights Watch’s U.S. division, said on Twitter that “Bukel is trying to break the rule of law and concentrate all power in his hands.”

“This is a situation that carries deep risks. It is [Congress] It is playing with fire and can deepen the crisis to such an extent that we cannot get out of it, ”Miguel Montenegro, coordinator of the Human Rights Commission, told AFP.

The American State of the Organization also said it condemned the dismissal of judges, saying “full respect for the democratic rule of law is essential.”

I condemn the move by political forces to undermine and weaken the judicial independence of magistrates by dismissing members of the Constitutional Chamber. “

‘Do Not Interfere in Others’

There were civil society groups The warning was issued ahead of the February 28 election If Buchel’s team works well, the results could accelerate the deterioration of the country’s democratic institutions.

But many voters expressed frustration with the more traditional conservative political parties that retained control of El Salvador after the country’s 12-year civil war in 1992 – and said they Buccaneer supported the party Because it promises to fight corruption

Just after midnight on Sunday, Buckley said on Twitter that when El Salvador wanted to work with the international community, he should move away from national affairs.

“To our friends in the international community: we want to work with you, trade, travel, get to know each other and help wherever we can. Our doors are more open than ever, but with due respect: We’re cleaning our house … and it’s not your business, “he said. Tweeted.

Nonetheless, anti-Salvadoran legislators accused Nevas Ideas of attempting a “coup”.

Rene Portillo, a member of the right-wing Arena Party, said: “The majority that the people voted for is a coup d’etat.

U.S. lawmakers and officials in President Joe Biden’s administration have also condemned the vote.

Earlier this week, the Beadon administration 310m pledged for assistance El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala to stop the tide of immigration to the United States.

“Let’s be clear: this is not democracy, this is the destruction of an independent judiciary and the rule of law,” said Congressman Jim McGovern. TweetedWhen Juan Gonzalez, a senior adviser to Biden in Latin America, said: “You don’t do that.”

U.S. State Department official Julie Chong also said on Twitter, “A strong U.S.-El Salvador relationship will depend on the El Salvador government in terms of separation of powers and support for democratic rule.”

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