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A version of Frankenstein's Bride Fortnite holding a blade around Van Helsing's neck.

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You wouldn’t think so Fortnite If you want to see the hot millennial version of the classic, this is where you go Universal Monster, But in 2021 everything is possible. For the holiday season, the popular Battle Royale is hosting a festival called “Shortnitemares” featuring a small mini-series called “We Will Be Monsters” that will try Dark universe Failed to modernize and modernize those classic monsters for a new audience

Setup Hall, Bride of Frankenstein will travel around the world and save monsters like Mummy and Dracula from untimely hands. From there, they … who knows, maybe Jekyll will be the ultimate big bad. Powered by Of Rick Famuiwa Mandalay (And one of several Former Helmers Of Flash Movies), The first episode Already down at Fortnite, and here A trailer gives a brief glimpse of what you can expect. The remaining three shorts will hit early 2022.

It all sounds ridiculous, but it might be fun to see these YA versions of the characters use their supernatural powers and knock out the one-liners. Whatever it is, the technology behind it is certainly impressive: Epic’s Metahuman Creator tool was used to bring the characters to photorealistic life, and the whole project was created using an unrealistic engine in collaboration with animation vendor Plastic Wax. In the video below, Nathan Madame, the founder of Wax, and the designer of Universal Character go on to create the series তিনি which he describes as a mix of hist movies and Brother Shaw Movies, for fans of martial arts.

Decisions about the series’ appearance were made alongside the project’s eight-month timeline, and he acknowledged that the metahuman visualization process has accelerated very quickly. As Universal’s character designer, Mark McChrystal has been able to nail himself to the final form of character design in a single day. “I’m accustomed to digital tools to enhance the game, but using unrealistic engines has taken everything to a level I’ve never felt before,” McCurry said.

Stupidly, the short films were also seen as a way to get it right by the Bride of Frankenstein, who only appeared in the original film for three minutes. McCurry considered short films a fitting opportunity to explore, as the films were unable to do so. Try the film There is a kind of instability about him now. “It was so fitting to have him as a hero and inspiration and empower him for this whole adventure,” he said. (To Adams, he actually split six metahuman heads together and unrealistically imported.)

Decisions about the appearance of the series were made along with the progress of the project, and he acknowledged that Metahuman accelerated the visualization process very quickly. (The Bride of Frankenstein is actually six metahuman heads split together and imported from the unreal.) As a character designer at Universal, Mark McCurry was able to nail himself to the final look of the character design within a day. “I’m accustomed to digital tools to enhance the game,” McCurry said, “but using unrealistic engines has taken everything to a level I’ve never felt before.”

The full video serves as a selling point especially for the unreal and metahumans and will definitely interest those who are interested in technology or animation. Who knows if the shorts will turn out to be more than a clever illusion, but at least, it’s a solid showcase for Epic’s technology that will soon be gracing console and PC games in the next few years. Well, that and the facts Provided Original series about animals from the Black Lagoon.

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