Wed. May 18th, 2022

It’s been about 15 years since the original Crisis Even the most powerful PCs have been brought to their knees and the latest in the franchise is nearing a decade of brand new installments. And although there is no planned release date yet, Kritech has confirmed it today Crisis 4 Currently developing.

In a new Blog post, Says Crytek CEO Avni Yerli Crisis 4 Still in the “early stages of development”, the studio wanted to warn fans in advance about the next title of the franchise as the team works to create “really the next generation of shooters”. Unfortunately, there is still no information about a development roadmap or even a projected release year, although Yearley said the studio would release more details “when we can.”

In addition to the blog, Crytek and Drop a short teaser trailer Featuring some apocalyptic images and a tagline that says “Join the journey. Become a hero.” However, since the trailer is too early to show much in terms of gameplay or story, it’s hard to say. Crisis 4 The original Crisis trilogy will be picked up after the event, or if the new game goes the other way.

But perhaps the big question about Crisis 4 If Crytek puts the same focus on providing super high quality graphics. Despite a successful trilogy of previous games, the Crisis series is often regarded as more of a torture test for high-performance PCs than any of its gameplay or story beats. Original for several years after release Crisis New CPUs and GPUs were regularly used as a criterion for testing functionality, even Crytek has published a Remastered version of Crisis Last year Includes support for ray tracing, HDR, and 8K resolution.

So while it may be tempting to start dreaming of a system that might be able to play Crisis 4 In the highest settings, with The global chip deficit is expected to continue throughout 2022 And in view of any firm release date, it’s probably best to keep it off for now.

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