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Carlos Valdes as Cisco Raman / Mecca-Vibe and Grant Gustin as a seven-episode flash

Carlos Valdes as Cisco Raman / Mecca-Vibe and Grant Gustin as a seven-episode flash “Fear Me.”
Fig: Katie U / The CW

Currently in Its seventh seasonEighth on the way – CW’s The Flash The show Ah, no signs of slowing down. However, the Arrows series will soon have to debate the departure of two actors who have appeared on the show since their 2014 debut: Carlos Valdes And Tom Kavanagh.

Both have played different characters (or different variations of the same character, because comic books) The Flash It started, but Valdes starred Cisco Raman, while Kavanagh was mostly, but not always, Harrison Wells. According to the deadlineWeldes’ last appearance as a regular in the series will be the seventh finale of the season, while Kavanagh, who decided to leave the series after season six before the interrupted production schedule across the Covid-19 industry, was both a regular and guest star of the series by deadline this season and “his final appearance this season. “It’s a wonderful place to be.”

Seven premieres as Tom Cavanagha Nation Wales.

Tom Kavanagh has seven premieres as a Nation Wales character.
Fig: Katie U / The CW

In the last date report, The Flash Executive producer and showrunner Eric Wallace praised the actors, although he hinted that despite today’s announcement, it may not be seen among the last fans: That’s why we’re happy to be back. “

A new episode The Flash Broadcast on CW tonight.

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