CW has added Robin Lively and Tom Kenny to cast Powerpuff

As seen in the Cartoon Network series (often faceless) Sara Bellum;  Robin Lively.

As seen in the Cartoon Network series (often faceless) Sara Bellum; Robin Lively.
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There is news of more casting for the CW live-action reboot Powerff. Two more actors will join the series, which is which Blossom follows (Chloe Bennett, of) Slope Char Fame), Bubble (Dove Cameron) and Butterkup (Yana Pereralt) are trying to get back some of the childhood of those who lost because of the fight for crime as Z millennials. The world needs them to stop doing their own thing. But are they ready for reunion? Or have they been in the superhero business for good?

Deadline Actress Robin Lively and acclaimed voice actor Tom Kenny have been added to the cast of the new CW show, a live-action adaptation of Craig McCracken’s popular animated cartoon network show Power Puff Girls. The live-action series is written by Diablo Cody and Heather Regnier and directed by Maggie Kylie.

Lively (you probably know from the iconic high camp film Teen witch) Will play Sara Bellum, a sweet family friend who has a romantic history with Professor Autonium. Sponge Voice actor Tom Kenny, who was also the voice of the narrator in the 1998 animated PPG The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but it’s back with a revival of 201 rev.

Has performed more on the show Donald Phijan Professor Autonium and Nicholas Podani as Mojo Jojo Jr. and, like everything on the CW Network, Powerff Is produced by Greg Berlanty Production.

The series is currently in production and has no premiere date.

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